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Lefties Freak as Roger Ailes Fires Random Guy

RUSH: Roger's never talked about this guy to me.  I do not know, did not know he existed, and yet it's being portrayed that Roger cannot face the day without this guy.  I just wanted to assure everybody that Ailes isn't alone.  I know a lot of you are Fox News devotees.  Ailes isn't alone, and it wouldn't matter if he was.  He can handle it.

More Millennials Are Losing Faith in the Country, and No One in Politics is Pushing Back Against the Malaise

RUSH: The left has managed to convince a lot of people the US is not worth saving, that the US is not worth fighting for. They've had a profound amount of success at this.  And this is another reason why there is this fog of depression that's just permeating everything.  And a lot of people don't understand it, other than economy's not great.  But it doesn't feel right.  Everyday life just doesn't feel right, even among people who ought to be robustly happy by past standards.