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More Millennials Are Losing Faith in the Country, and No One in Politics is Pushing Back Against the Malaise


RUSH: At the end of yesterday's program, in the final hour -- by the way, the final hour of yesterday's program might be worth your while to go to RushLimbaugh.com and revisit and listen to it and read the transcripts.  We spent a lot of time in that hour focusing on Millennials, that maximum age 30 right now.  These are people who, in 2008, bought hook, line, and sinker the entire Obama message of hope and change, transformation, utopia, perfection, the end of everything bad, and the beginning of everything good.  And of course none of that has worked out.  It's just the opposite. 

And there is this sweeping, I keep using the word malaise or the word depression, but there may be a more accurate way to describe this.  There's just a nothingness out there.  There doesn't seem to be anything solid, foundational that you can rely on to reverse course, to turn this around.  I made the observation yesterday, while attempting to speak positively.  Because, by the way, I do not think that's unjustified, or Pollyannish.  There's every reason in the world to be optimistic, as Americans.  There's every reason in the world not to fall prey to what the left wants people to fall prey to and that's giving up, not using initiative. 

I mean, there's guilt associated with success.  There's guilt with driving a car instead of riding a bicycle.  There's guilt with anything about success or prosperity.  And even when you get it, one of the points I made yesterday, I know a lot of people that are very successful, they've worked very hard to get there, even they don't feel like they thought they would feel as they were working towards it, even they are not robustly happy because it just doesn't seem right.  And a lot of people can't put their finger on what is wrong. 

One of the things I mentioned yesterday that is very troubling to me, as I read things written by Millennials, it's very depressing.  There are more and more of them having to go back home and live with mom and dad.  There aren't any careers out there. The jobs that exist are part time, health care, it just... They voted for utopia, folks.  The young, idealistic Obama voter, they really believed all that hype that Obama represented something that had never before happened in American politics.  He really wasn't a politician.  That's what was great about it.  He had the ability to unify everybody and get rid of all these old partisan arguments, get rid of racism and all these things that make the country a bad place.  The world was gonna love us and we were gonna end global warming, which Millennials blame their parents for. 

Millennials blame prosperity and capitalism.  That's what they've been taught.  And of course there is no perfection and there is no utopia, and there is no panacea, and doubly, of course, liberalism is nothing but misery.  Liberalism doesn't even have any optimism.  Liberalism is known by the fact that it believes everything is getting worse and will continue to get worse and only a powerful government can make life somewhat worth living, because on your own you can't find reason enough to live.  It's destructive and so forth, and so the thing that finally hit me, and I've been on a constant quest to understand a number of things that really make me curious. 

People say, "You're silly for not knowing the answer to this."  Let's look at the Millennials, for example.  I hear about how they're all depressed.  I hear 60% of 'em voted for Obama. They're all depressed. They don't have a future. They're not gonna live the way their parents did.  You've heard it all.  And when I first came across this I didn't have a whole lot of sympathy.  "You voted for it.  So why don't you learn from it and understand that what you voted for didn't work out and, in fact, has led you to feel the way you do."  And then people are telling me, "Rush, that's silly.  They're not gonna look at it that way." 

I mean, look at the blacks.  The Democrat Party gets 90% of the black vote every presidential election, and look at them.  The Democrat Party's been promising them for 50 years to improve their lives.  And it isn't happening.  And yet they keep voting Democrat, no matter what.  They don't blame the Democrats.  Who do they blame, then?  Answer in a moment.  It's not just Republicans.  Take us back now to the Millennials.  And it's important, 'cause I think if these people could be reached, it would go a long way toward reversing the direction that we're in.  I really do.  Now, its always amazed me -- it's why I developed the Limbaugh Theorem -- that after almost five years of a president with policies that have brought about this reality... this didn't just happen.  But people think it did. 

Obama and Democrat Party policies are largely responsible for everything that has people uneasy:  no jobs, no high-paying careers, no wage increases, health care a major hassle, health care, as important to anybody as anything else in their life, which I think is a sad reality, too. But all of these things, whatever it is, no money, no job, no future, it's all the result of Obama getting 90% of his agenda.  The only thing he hasn't really succeeded here is reversing the Second Amendment and having gay marriage become a national reality.  Everything he's gotten.  He's gotten all the spending he wants. If he doesn't like a portion of a law, he simply ignores it. 

Republicans, for all intents and purposes, in five years, haven't had the power to stop anything.  And it's worse than that.  Aside from a couple of instances, they haven't even really tried.  And yet, as you know by now, if you listen regularly, Obama totally, in this group of people, the low-information voters, the Millennials, certain percentage of Democrat voters, Obama escapes any responsibility for it, any blame.  This is what flummoxes me.  This is what just blows my mind.  People have lost faith in the country, folks.  They have not lost faith in Obama.  Do you understand the importance of that, the profundity of that?  Not at me; the reality of it.  These Millennials, these young people, these disaffected Democrat voters, everybody miserable and unhappy has lost faith in the country. 

They don't think the country is good anymore.  They don't think the country's great.  They don't think the country's exceptional.  They don't think it's special.  They don't think that the country holds the answers.  In fact, their misplaced faith should be exclusively in Obama.  So the damage Obama is doing is even worse than you might think.  Not only are his policies transforming this country into a country that was never founded nor intended to be.  Not only are his policies literally depressing people and consuming them with negativism, Obama's existence, his presidency, his policies have resulted in people losing faith in the country, not in him.  And that's dangerous, because that makes it much easier for Obama and any Democrat to continue to talk about changing the country, if people have lost faith in it. 

There isn't anything wrong with the country as founded.  There isn't anything wrong with the country as it existed.  What is wrong is what's being done to it by virtue of Obama policies.  Now, why?  Why have people lost faith in the country and not Obama?  Well, there are probably multiple answers to that question, but I'm gonna give you a big one.  The Republican Party is not pushing back against this. I mean, we can do it on the radio, fine and dandy.  But there's a political party making this happen. 

There's a president and a political party and an ideological movement that is causing people to lose faith in their country, and there isn't a corresponding political party saying, "No, this is a great country. This is a wonderful place. It's no different than it ever was, and you can make it better.  You still have opportunity.  You can still write your ticket in this country."  There isn't a political party saying that. 

There isn't an opposition political leader saying it, just maybe three or four.  Instead, the Republican Party's thrown in with Democrat light.  The Republican Party has somehow concluded that in order to be relevant and have some elections come around that they win, they've also gotta do what Democrats do.  Because that's what they think you want, or the people that are not voting for them want.  Such a mess! 

If there had been pushback, if there had been political opposition to Obama -- if anybody had been every day explaining to the American people who Obama is, what he's really doing, what will happen if he succeeds -- there wouldn't be this massive loss of faith in the country.  But the opposition party's been paralyzed by race, and by the media.  No criticism of Obama has been permitted.  It's all called racism and bigotry and what have you. 

So people who need votes to get elected conclude that there's nothing to be gained offending people, even people that are never gonna vote for 'em. There's nothing to be gained by it, and so while people lose faith in the country, there's nobody telling them otherwise.  There's nobody telling them, "No, no, no! You do not have to lose faith in the country.  What you're actually losing faith in is socialism, liberalism, and the Democrat Party's ideology.  That's what you are losing faith in." 

People have to be told; they have to be instructed.  There's no pushback, there hasn't been for five years.  I mean, not at the electoral party level.  So the idea that people can lose faith in the country isn't challenged.  I don't even know how many elected Republicans would actually agree that that's what's happening.  But you cannot disagree with the fact that there is not a robust happiness even among those who are succeeding, because the country isn't. 

An individual, a business, whatever, may be going gangbusters, doing really well, but the rest of the country isn't coming along.  It's just not the same as when you're creating 500,000 jobs a month, and when incomes are rising, and output and productivity is going up.  Everybody senses that. Everybody knows that.  By the same token, everybody knows when everything is stagnant.  So prosperity and success have become the exception, not the rule. 

People are losing faith in America, and it's sad to say, this is almost -- almost -- the Alinsky objective.  The radical leftist, anti-capitalist objective is to get more and more people losing faith in capitalism, losing faith in individual liberty and freedom and prosperity.  Obama and the Democrats are writing a script every day, and nobody is countering it.  Well, not nobody. It's in the media, but that's not the same as political pushback.  I'm not in Obama's arena, contrary to what everybody thinks, I'm not. 

Well, I mean, I'm in the arena of ideas, but... Look, I don't want to go through this again.  The media talks, "Yeah, Obama's really cleaning the clock here with Limbaugh! Limbaugh's only got three more years." You give me $3 trillion to buy listeners with, you give me $3 trillion to buy love, and I can do it.  You can't compete with the Democrat Party.  I can't give 'em a phone, 99 weeks of unemployment, a flat-screen TV, food stamps. I can't give anybody anything!  It's just the opposite.  My success is determined by how many of you spend money.  Obama, the Democrats couldn't score one day in my world, and yet I'm lumped in theirs.


RUSH:  Okay, to the phones we go, pie town, nickname.  Pew town, nickname.  This is Jay.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush. It's an honor.  I've been working at this deal for 25 years trying to get through to you, and I just promised Mr. Snerdley I'd get right to my point, and I'm not gonna let him down.  But I just want to tell you, Rush, the American dream is alive and well.  And I want to encourage those people out there. I can call 'em kids now because I'll be 56 years old tomorrow.

RUSH:  Ah, you're a spring chicken.

CALLER:  I know it, and I feel that way, Rush, 'cause I got fight left in me. I wake up every dadgum day ready to fight, and it's not a negative thing, but it's just in me to move forward and pick myself up when I get knocked off and get back on that track, and not to be afraid to change direction.

RUSH:  Yeah, but, you see, not everybody can do that, Jay, and therefore it's not fair that you can. 

CALLER:  Well --

RUSH:  People like you... Look, I am not exaggerating.  People like you are guilted. In school, if you get better grades than somebody else, there's a guilt trip on you.  If you earn more money after graduating, there's a guilt trip placed on you.  If you go buy a car, they guilt trip you for that because you're destroying the planet.  "You're using gasoline.  You ought to be riding a bicycle!"  There's something out there today, an article on Millennials. 

NPR is celebrating the fact that Millennials are not buying cars or any of the material things that their parents thought important.  It never occurs to NPR that they can't afford to buy these things.  Buried down in the article, even NPR admits the Millennials want what their parents had.  But the article is all about celebrating what wonderful, wonderful people the Millennials are for forgoing the material things.  They are praised for buying bicycles and giving up cars.  This is exactly what they face. 

Seeking success is impugned. 

Wanting what your parents had and more is guilted. 

The opportunity still is there. It's just that the reluctance to seek it is what's changing. 



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