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Reuters Tries to Put a Happy Face on Obamacare, But Admits It's Driving Employers to Cut Employees to Part Time


RUSH: From Reuters: "Analysis: Obamacare, Tepid US Growth Fuel Part-Time Hiring."  The hell you say.  Reuters has finally jumped on the bandwagon, folks.  Even Reuters is now admitting that Obama is causing employers to only hire part-time workers.  Now, Reuters had to blame the faltering US economy first, but, remember, Obama has no responsibility for that.  Obama's it is not in charge of the policy.  Obama's policies have nothing to do with the economy.  So even though they usually tell us that the economy's going like gangbusters, in this story they talk about the economy as tepid and faltering, and that's the first reason employers are only hiring part-timers, and then the second reason is Obamacare. 

But even in this piece, Reuters claims, quote, "US businesses are hiring at a robust rate," which is preposterous.  Businesses are not even hiring at a rate that keeps up with the population increase in this country, and that's even down.  We are barely at population replacement levels, birth replacement levels that would keep the population where it is.  We certainly do not have businesses hiring at a faster rate.  In fact, most businesses are not even hiring at a rate that keeps up with population increase.  There is no economic recovery going on.  So it's disingenuous to say here that US businesses are hiring at a robust rate. 

Then they say: "Some economists, however, say the surge in reliance on part-time workers will fade as the economy strengthens and businesses gain more certainty over how they will be impacted by Obamacare." So, you see, American businesses are so stupid, they think it's a bad thing to have to pay the Obamacare penalty for not offering health care. 

Eventually these businesses are gonna figure out that they have to spend a lot more money and they're gonna be fine with it, and then once they become fine with spending more money, then they'll start hiring more people.  And it's all gonna be magic.  It's all gonna work out.  But as we sit here today: "Tepid US Growth Fuel Part-Time Hiring."  Oh, and a little bit of Obamacare thrown in as well.  It's just utter irresponsibility.  Journalistic malpractice. 


RUSH: Another story from Reuters.  What is this?  "Low Prices Seen Luring Young Adults to Obamacare: Study -- If uninsured young Americans shun the new health plans offered under President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, it will be because the insurance costs too much and not because they don't expect to need much medical care, according to a study released on Wednesday."

So, in other words, folks, the headline here is completely misleading.  It should read:  "Low Prices Would Lure Young Adults to Obamacare."  If uninsured young Americans shun new health plans offered by Obamacare, it'll be because it costs too much.  So they've got survey data which concludes that young people aren't buying it 'cause it costs too much.  Now, the conventional wisdom is that young people don't buy it because they don't think they're gonna need it.  They don't buy health insurance because they're young and robust, and they're thinking in terms of immortality. They're not sitting around thinking about nursing home days and stuff in their twenties, and there's no reason for 'em to be buying health insurance, and they don't.  That's what we're always told. 

But this survey purports to tell us something else.  Young people don't buy it 'cause it costs too much.  And then the story goes on to point out that 82% of these young people could qualify for Obamacare subsidies, and that would then inspire them to buy Obamacare insurance.  Now, if the young people get subsidizes, who in the hell is gonna pay for the elderly?  Because you remember the real reason that costs were going up with no subsidizes for young people is because there's a lot of 'em and they're not a net cost on health care because they're healthy for the most part and they don't require health care.

So everything they spend on health insurance is profit.  And that profit is what was going to pay for health care for the seasoned citizens.  But if they're gonna offer subsidizes to the youths, it doesn't make sense.  By the way, the study was done back in March.  I don't know why we're hearing about it now.  I guess this is just part of the news media's full-court press to try to roll more young people into Obamacare.



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