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Leftist Policies are Failing, Not America


RUSH: You got this wacko professor at Northwestern that comes up with this long piece on how America is just an accident, it's a coincidence, a quirk of economic fate.  The stars were aligned right.  What's really normal is now. 

And all of this to excuse Obama, trying to convince us that the rest of the world is normal.  We were just a weird and brief exception, that we were not real.  There was no and has been no substance to what America was.  The real America is all this racism and sexism, poverty and discrimination and all this stuff that's happening now that the Democrats are needed to be in power of and control of so they can make it all fair, or whatever they do.  The whole point of this is to make sure that Obama doesn't get blamed for this. To make sure that Obama's policies, that liberalism doesn't get blamed.  Liberalism is what's failing here, not America.  Obama is what's failing, not America.  The Democrat Party and their policies are what's failing here, not America.  They just happen to be taking America with it.  And it's a crying shame. 

But we can't have that, see, we can't have people believe that.  I mentioned yesterday, I mentioned the speech I gave Saturday night.  Liberals are particularly angry because they're living daily in the reality that everything they believe is bogus.  Every belief they have that's gonna create this little utopia, panacea, doesn't work.  They live it, they see it every day.  They're miserable, they're unhappy, cannot stomach it.  And so that cannot be allowed to stand.  We've gotta exempt Obama. We have to exempt the Democrat Party. We have to exempt liberalism.  They cannot be blamed. They cannot be seen as responsible, and, as such, the story is America was an accident, and what is going on now is what's always been real.  This is the real America.  This new normal is the real normal. 

That, in itself, is a crime against common sense, assault on common sense.  Now you add these racial incidents in there, and it just further depresses and confuses people and perpetuates this fog.  I mean, people are perplexed.  Nothing's making sense.  This is not how this country's supposed to be.  It's not how things are supposed to happen.  This isn't right.  It's causing people to lose faith in the country, not the policies that have made it.


Clarence in Toledo.  Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I'll get right to it.  You know, my point, we never had a Republican Party.  We had the Democratic Party, and we had the Democratic Party B team.  That's what the Republican Party is. And the president of this is John McCain.  He's done more to hurt this country than a thousand bin Ladens.

RUSH:  Well, now, wait just a second.  That may be a little excessive.  A thousand bin Ladens?

CALLER:  I tell you what, the four of them together, him, Ted Kennedy when alive, Graham, they're the Rat Pack.  They're like the old Sinatra Rat Pack, them four.

RUSH:  You think that McCain, Kennedy, Graham, and you'd probably say Schumer is in that group?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  And you think they're doing more damage and have done more damage than anything bin Laden dreamed of?

CALLER:  Well, look at it.  You know, I'm guilty of one thing and that's (unintelligible) grandkids.  I grew up in the best part of this country because there's no Republican Party to fight for us anymore.  When I was growing up, we used to say, as long as the Republican Party was in ruling, you had a job and --

RUSH:  Clarence.

CALLER:  -- companies make money.

RUSH:  Clarence.

CALLER:  -- and we were making money.

RUSH:  Clarence, the Republican Party is embarrassed of people like you, and even me to a certain extent sometimes.  But the Republican Party, I think, is trying to reshape or reform its base.  A partial explanation.  Thank you for the call.  



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