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Pearls of Wisdom

"What Millennials need to be made to realize, is that what is happening in this country is the direct result of political policies of a particular party and man and the belief system they have."

"Liberalism is what's failing here, not America. Obama is what's failing, not America. The Democrat Party and their policies are what's failing here, not America. They just happen to be taking America with it."

"We have the president of the United States just getting back from a Martha vineyard's vacation, and what is he doing, among many other things? He's still trying to close the sale on Obamacare. It passed years ago, but the majority of the American people do not want it."

"You don't know what an ego freak is until you run into a genuine intellectual superiorist and supremacist on a major college campus. 'The founding couldn't have been any good, or the Constitution, because I didn't write it. It couldn't be any good! The Declaration? I didn't say anything in it. It's not worth anything!'"

"Everywhere you look in the manmade global warming front, the evidence is abundant that they've jimmied the data. They have lied."

"The whole global warming thing is nothing but a political movement. It's not rooted in science. It is a political item. It's a political agenda. No different than any other item in the left's political agenda."

"The American people do not want amnesty. In fact, you go down every item on Obama's agenda, and practically every one, if not every one, the American people oppose it."

"You know what our problem is? We have nobody representing us. The Republican Party is AWOL."

"Everybody's on edge. Everybody's unhappy. They're broke. They can't get a job. The only thing is they're not blaming Obama."

"I find it amazing that the president still has to sell Obamacare. Most Americans don't want it. I don't know why there isn't a political movement or party willing to connect to that opposition and go to town with it. Same thing on global warming. Same thing on amnesty."

"It's Washington versus the rest of the country, ruling class, country class."

"The course of the 25 years of this program, and particularly in the most recent five years, you have heard me discuss the people who believe America was founded in an unjust and immoral way -- and, as such, believe that America is illegitimate, America is not a superpower -- and many of these people happen to be teaching your kids. Many of these people happen to be professors in the academy."

"If you don't have faith in things larger than you, if you don't have a religious faith, you're gonna grasp on to earthly things to believe in. You're gonna become susceptible to people like this who are also disdainful to religion."

"Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center, they're trying to get Republicans to have town hall meetings. They're not having them. The Tea Party people are being shut out. There aren't any town hall meetings."

"I think liberalism and the constant devotion to failure after failure after failure, time and time again, is psychotic. It's never worked. Socialism -- the drive to make everybody equal, this utopia quest -- it's never happened, it can't happen, and yet millions still seek it. That's psychotic."


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