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Rush Bricks His Laptop
RUSH:  No.  I was installing latest beta on my laptop last night, and it bricked it, and I spent about four hours trying to fix it, and I gotta try something else when I get home.  There's just nothing more depressing. I had such high hopes, and the thing is just bricked.  It's all over the dictation file.


RUSH:  Okay.  I gotta go home and I gotta try to unbrick my Retina MacBook Pro.  It's gonna take me hours.

San Diego Democrat Finally Resigning After Sexually Harassing Women
RUSH:  Well, look at that.  The mayor of San Diego is finally gonna pack it in.  The mayor of San Diego is going to resign.  City council has to approve the mediation deal.  You gotta give it to those Democrats.  Once they run it up the flagpole, they stay on there as long as they can. 

Unionized UPS to Dump 15,000 Spouses from Health Coverage
RUSH:  I've got a way that Millennials can help us overcome Obamacare.  And UPS dropping 15,000 spouses from health insurance coverage.  That's a union company, too.  UPS dropping 15,000 spouses, and a university is doing the same thing, dropping spouses from coverage.  That's the only way they can afford it, Obamacare.  Yep.  And, there's such, a simple solution to all this. 

University of Virginia Also Doing the Obamacare Dump
RUSH: University of Virginia, big Obamacare supporters, spouses eliminated from health care coverage.


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