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Rush "Injects Race" Into Oklahoma Murder?


RUSH: The president's spokesperson, this guy sitting in for the spokeskid, Jay Carney; his name is Josh Earnest.  He didn't even know about the shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma.  He didn't even know about it.  He said that Obama didn't know about it, and there was the most amazing headline in a Drive-By Media website today: "Rush Limbaugh Inserts Race into Story in Oklahoma."  I kid you not. 

 Rush Limbaugh inserts race?  Who the hell inserted race in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case when there wasn't any?  That was not a racial incident.  Who made it a racial incident? This effort to divide this country however they can is well underway by the voters and the forces supporting Obama, who led everybody to believe that what they're really about is unity.


RUSH: Let's go to the Race Stack.  Let's just get to it, because all over the Drive-By Media today, you will see headlines that say something along the lines of: "Rush Limbaugh Injects Race Into Oklahoma Shooting."  I kid you not.  Folks, it is mind numbing, the denial these people are in.  In the Zimmerman-Martin case you had Barack Obama himself injecting race into it.  There was no racial component.  The racial component had to be manufactured all because there was a black victim.  When the victim is black, it's gonna be racism no matter what unless the perpetrator is black.  Then it's gonna be ignored.  But they had to even add the descriptive term "white" to Zimmerman's "Hispanic" in order to create a racial incident, when there wasn't any.  The whole Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman situation, there was no racial aspect to it, other than the one the left manufactured for the purposes of advancing its agenda.

Here you have two black perps, wannabes in the Crips or the Bloods or what have you, targeting a white guy because they were bored. Their getaway driver happened to be white, a little bit of a mitigating factor, it is said.  The Reverend Jackson issued a statement yesterday that said he "frowned" on the incident.  So you have headlines out there, "Rush Limbaugh Injects Race."  Well, one of the three teenagers charged in the thrill kill of an Australian college student in Oklahoma last week has previously posted racist tweets on his Twitter account. 

You see, as far as the Democrats and left are concerned, this thing yesterday in Oklahoma, whenever it was, it was about guns. It's about violence. It's about guns, and we gotta get rid of guns because guns cause violence.  Just ignoring what was right in front of their faces.  This continuing focus on guns, I'll tell you, it's rather obvious to me. The Democrat Party's pandering to all minorities is literally destroying people in these minority groups.  The Democrat Party is just destroying lives, and they are taking everybody with 'em. 


RUSH: So now we have this incident in Oklahoma. One of the three teens charged in this thrill kill has previously posted racist tweets on his Twitter account. 

"The Daily Caller reported that the tweets belonged to James Francis Edwards, 15. One tweet from his account reads, '90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.' Another post read, 'Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:)'"

"Woods" is a derogatory term for white people.  Not Tiger.  Woods is a derogatory term for white people.  "Police Chief Dan Ford said the victim, Chris Lane, 22, appeared to have been chosen at random, saying in a variety of media interviews since Friday's killing that one suspect told officers that he and other boys were bored and that they followed Lane and killed him for 'the fun of it.'"

So one of the perps claims to have knocked out five white people since the Zimmerman trial, very happy and proud about it.  The same guy claims that 90% of whites are nasty, and he hates them.  But it is your host, your beloved daily radio raconteur, Rush Limbaugh, who injected race into this story.  Why does the left protect racism?  They're doing so here in the killing of this Australian college student.  Why does the left promote division, as in the creation of George Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic"?  Why does the left promote dependency, 50 million or more on food stamps?  This is their business plan.  This is how they stay in power. 

Let me review another story.  You may not have heard about this one.  This from USA Today.  Fort Collins, Colorado.  What happened in Fort Collins, Colorado?  Dan's Bake Sale, way, way back in the early nineties.  I wonder how many people this audience remember what that was about.  Might be worth retelling.  You remember what it was about, Dawn?  Bill Clinton had just been elected and a bunch of students, elementary students, were being told by their teachers to do bake sales and send the proceeds to Clinton to help reduce the national debt at the time. 

So these little kids would go home and, "Mommy, mommy, I need you to bake a cake for me to do the bake sale in school."  So mom would bake cakes and cookies or whatever for the little kids to take to the bake sale. They'd sell the bake sale stuff, and they'd send the money to Clinton, and Clinton made a big deal out of keeping it.  Kids would send $35.14, and he would keep the money and apply it to the national debt. He'd go on TV (doing impression), "Now, this is absolutely wonderful.  This is great education.  This is a very worthwhile experience for these kids, 'cause they're learning, they're learning, and it has to come from all of us.  We all have to chip in here and help." 

I mean, it was obscene.  He kept the money.  And these little kids, these young skulls full of mush actually thought they were doing something useful.  Now, I'm going nuts back then at the pollution of these young minds.  Well, about that time I got a call on the radio from a guy named Dan.  I was already a little bit irritated by this whole bake sale thing, and so Dan calls and he starts bragging about how he is able to get my newsletter without paying for it, that he's got a friend who runs it through the copy machine, and he's telling me how much he loves the newsletter. It's real great, and he doesn't have to buy it.

He said he couldn't afford it.  He said that after I said, "Why don't you get a subscription?  You realize you're violating copyright and trademark and all kinds of things.  You can't do what you're doing.  You're cheating me and everybody who works on that newsletter."  And he got all nervous.  And I said, "Dan, why don't you do a bake sale?  If you can't afford it, do a bake sale, pitch a tent, bake some stuff, sell it, and send me the money and then become a subscriber to the website."  And so this little guy did that. 

Well, it ended up being 70,000 people at a food fair in Fort Collins, Colorado.  A couple of senators showed up. I went, obviously. NBC News called it a conservative Woodstock.  And there was not one mess.  Everybody cleaned up their mess.  But it was right there in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Restaurants from all over the country set up, from New Orleans, and people were buying billboards all on I-70, Colorado, urging people to go to Dan's Bake Sale.  I arrived in a chopper.  I arrived in a helicopter.  It was overcast and threatening thunder boomers, and I took a helicopter up from wherever we landed in the airport, I forget where. It might have been suburban Denver airport, whatever. 

I choppered up there, and as soon as we landed, the sun came out, brilliant sun, almost cloudless sky, and I'm walking to the stage behind a horse.  I mean, I'm literally behind a horse's ass, 'cause there was a cop on the horse.  That was the security.  And that horse ended up kicking Colorado Senator Hank Brown, by accident.  I don't think the horse knew he was a senator.  He wasn't seriously hurt, but it did require some attention.  But everybody had a grand old time, great time.  And this guy Dan shows up and he ran out of baked goods in the first five minutes. He was totally unprepared. And then this guy Dan, thinking it was all about him, tried to do these in a number of different towns on subsequent weekends. (imitating Dan) "Hi, I'm Dan, I'm gonna do my bake sale here in Oshkosh," or wherever it was. 

The guy, despite all the assistance, all of the training, all of the exposure this guy got to capitalism, it just never took.  He ended up becoming a sponge.  He started out a sponge, and he ended up a sponge.  I was Santa Claus at the beginning of this thing and I was Santa Claus at the end of it.  Remember that?  No matter what we did.  I mean, it got so bad he was going and buying things from other people's booths to come back and sell again at his bake sale booth.  I think he baked something like three dozen cookies, knowing 70,000 people were gonna show up.  Thirty-six cookies the guy had.  And of course he's being interviewed on TV, "This is Dan of Dan's Bake Sale."  We were content to let it happen. 

Anyway, that happened at Fort Collins, Colorado.  "Sparks flew between two legislators when one accused the other of making racially insensitive comments about minorities and the infant mortality rate during a meeting Wednesday." Let me take a time-out. I'll come back and tell you what happened in this event that was horribly racist, horribly insensitive, and really, really mean. 


RUSH:  "Sparks flew ... during a meeting Wednesday. The heated exchange occurred during a meeting of the Economic Opportunity and Poverty Reduction Task Force when Republican state Sen. Vicki Marble addressed health issues among African Americans. 'When you look at life expectancy, there's certain problems in the black race,' said Marble, who is white."

So she's already in trouble.  "'Sickle cell anemia is something that comes up. Diabetes is something that is prevalent in the genetic makeup. Although I gotta say, I've never had better barbecue and better chicken and ate better in my life then when you go down South, I mean, I love it. Everybody loves it,' Marble said."  Well, the African-American there was not at all happy about this. 

"Democratic state Rep. Rhonda Fields, who is black, responded by saying that Marble's statements were offensive and stereotypical.  'One of the things I will not tolerate is racist and insensitive remarks about African Americans, the color of their skin, what you mentioned that we eat. I was highly offended by your remarks, and I will not engage in a dialogue where you are using these stereotypical references about African Americans and chicken and food. 

"'I would ask that you suspend your perceptions and judgments about African-Americans about poverty. What we're trying to do is to come up with meaningful solutions. It's not about eating chicken.'  Sen. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, was chairing the hearing and promptly called a recess to give the situation a chance to simmer down. When the task force reconvened, Fields had left to attend a community meeting. 

"Kefalas said Marble's remarks were unsettling.  'Finally, I did end it because she was going on and on,' Kefalas said. 'It was disconcerting that she made those comments. I don't think she always understands the implications of what she says. I was disturbed. It's incredibly unfortunate that it distracted us from the important work we're trying to do to extend more opportunity to folks to raise themselves out of poverty."

This is a classic. I don't know anybody involved in this, but I think I know exactly what happened here.  Let me take a stab and you tell me if I'm way off base. I think this Vicki Marble is totally aware of saying the wrong thing. She's totally hyperaware.  You cannot be unaware and be a politician.  I think she was pandering.  There's no doubt. Look, sickle cell anemia is something that affects blacks at a higher rate than others. Diabetes, too. 

The stuff about food? Everybody tells us that what we eat affects the diseases we get, so she simply associates what we eat with cooking, Ruby's soul food, Sylvia's soul food, whatever, and she thought. "Okay, maybe I've been misunderstood, so I'm gonna tell everybody how much I love the food!"  She was trying to be complementary, but she realized in the middle of it that she probably stepped in it because she can't even talk that way. 

She it is not allowed to acknowledge certain things like sickle cell anemia being more predominant in blacks than others, or diabetes, even though both of those things are true.  So the knee-jerk reaction is, "Here's a white woman insulting and being racist," and so the by-the-book reaction that we have to do is stand up, express outrage, call her a racist, tell her she's insensitive, and bring the proceedings to a screeching halt because we're simply not gonna tolerate that kind of discrimination. 

I think this Vicki Marble -- and I can be all wrong. I'm just guessing. I think she was actually trying to be nice or accommodating, and not offend anybody. 

It just doesn't work, though. 


RUSH:  John in Perryville, Missouri, which is not far, right up the road from my hometown of Cape Girardeau.  How you doing, John?  Thank you for calling.

CALLER:  Rush, thank you for taking my call, and more importantly, I'm glad that Snerdley gave me the honor and privilege to speak to you.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I'm an entrepreneur. My family, I'm third generation in a professional photography business.  Last night I'm on the treadmill after I get my son in bed and I'm watching some of the liberal commentary on what what's going on in Oklahoma.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  What concerns me is the real core problem here, and I think back to my old business. When I had children come into my office and I photographed them and I think they're unruly and out of control and not as good as what they should be, I start looking closer at the parents.  What I started realizing last night is no one's ever talking about the parents, because I believe children are a direct reflection of their parents, outside of something unique causing them to change their life, and I think that's what the press is forgetting and the rest of what's going on out there is that, what about the parents?  Why aren't the parents parenting? 

My parents, or at least my father, is a gun-carrying permit person.  My wife and I are gonna be getting our gun carry permit, not because we have guns or believe in guns, or not that we don't believe in guns. We believe in the right to carry one.  But my parents taught me how to be a functional human being, and I think that's what we're missing in America today is that for quite a few generations parents think, "Well, let's let the government take care of them."  This is not about the government.  This is about personal responsibility.  I can't send my kid to a school and expect that the teacher's gonna fix him.

RUSH:  Right.  So your basic question, observation is, in regards to the two shooters in Duncan, Oklahoma, is, well, what were their parents doing when they grew up?

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  Right.  Okay.  Now, John, I cannot answer that question and have a radio show tomorrow.

CALLER:  Right.  Right.  And I can't either, and have a business tomorrow.

RUSH:  You and I both know the answer, but if we dare utter it, it's not gonna be a pretty sight.

CALLER:  No.  And it's sad, because --

RUSH:  But your point is that nobody -- we do.  The left has to make excuses.  In fact, not make excuses.  What the left actually does is try to establish the supremacy of what happens in family life with their policies intact.  So they romanticize single parenthood. They romanticize the single mother working against the odds to make everything okay.  The statistics here are what they are.  We have a cultural problem here, and all we do when each of these incidents come up, we deal with the symptom.  To use a cliche, we deal with the symptom and not the disease.  And what has actually happened is, like everybody, I think it was Michelle Malkin who said on TV last night, night before, that we missed the boat when we focused on gun control.  We need gang control, I think she said. 

Gang control.  There's no condemnation of the gangs.  There's simply an acknowledgement they exist and maybe some people say it isn't good, but we have to understand, we must understand the rage.  Her point was chasing guns is the wrong thing to do because it's just an outgrowth of something else that's wrong at a much, much deeper level. But you can't talk about that.  You can't go there.  You're gonna be pulverized and creamed and tarred and feathered and everything else.  But everybody gets your point.  I'm glad you called. 



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