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We're Having Record Cold, So Why Aren't the Global Warmers Happy?


RUSH: Here's Dave in Covington, Kentucky.  Hi, Dave.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  Longtime listener.  I hope you're not having any trouble hearing me.  I had a little trouble on this end.  We had a bad electrical storm a few nights ago, and I think my outside line was blitzed.  I'm running on low voltage.  Voices are kind of low.  But I'm a longtime listener, sir, since 1990 when you performed the public service of letting us know when Connie Chung was ovulating. (laughing) That's how far back I go.

RUSH:  Wow.

CALLER:  Remember that?

RUSH:  Yeah, now that you bring it up, Connie Chung ovulating, yeah.  There's so much I've forgotten that's happened on this program.

CALLER:  Yeah.  I just want to make a brief comment, then I'll hang up, let you comment.  It's about these idiots still beating the dead horse of climate change.  I don't know if I heard right, but I think one of them said that they'll accept the fact that global warming is slowing down, that they ascribe that to volcanic eruptions.  Rush, volcanoes pump junk into the atmosphere that is the cause of global warming and climate change.  By their logic, and pseudoscience, volcanic eruptions would be accelerating global warming and climate change.

RUSH:  Absolutely.  You're right.

CALLER:  They're idiots. 

RUSH:  By their logic, all these horrible things should be happening in greater number.

CALLER:  I'll hang up, sir.

RUSH:  Okay.  Thanks much. What he's saying is, hey, nature takes care of itself.  The volcanoes are cooling the planet.  This is the thing.  Have you ever noticed the global warmers are out there warning us, they're just scared to death, "Oh, my God, it's gonna get hot! It's gonna get hotter and hotter, oh, my God, oh, my God," and then it doesn't get hot, you'd think they'd be happy.  "Oh, wow it's not getting hotter, oh, my God, it's working, thank God it's not getting hotter."  No, they get mad.  It has to get hotter no matter what.  The political agenda requires it.



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