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Where's the Movement Against Amnesty, Malaise, Obamacare, and Algore's Global Warming Hoax?


RUSH: Well, folks, despite the best efforts of many, racial strife continues in this country and, sad to say, that it is being sponsored. It is being caused because there is the prospect of agenda advancement by the left when they engage in it.  Here's basically just a summary of things to start with.  We have the president of the United States just getting back from a Martha's Vineyard vacation, and what is he doing, among many other things?  He's still trying to close the sale on Obamacare.  It passed years ago, but the majority of the American people do not want it.  Poll after poll after poll.  And I've got another Obamacare Stack, and it's got some really fine, good stuff in it today.  I don't know when I'm gonna get to it.  But I'm gonna get to it before the program ends.  Don't miss it. 

You've still got the president out trying to sell Obamacare.  The vast majority of the American people do not want it.  Now there is a miraculous new poll out there of Republicans, not elected Republicans, Republican voters.  And it says in this poll that a majority of Republican voters do not want a government shutdown.  So whatever ammo the establishment Republicans need, they're able to provide for themselves, and to send the message, "See, you Tea Party people, you're just a bunch of extremists, and we'll be committing suicide if we do what you want us to do." 

So, meanwhile, Obama is still out trying to close the sale on a piece of legislation that has been the law of the land for two years.  It has never been popular.  The American people have never, by virtue of a majority, supported it.  Out of the blue yesterday, former Vice President Algore pops up.  He is still trying to close the sale on man-made global warming.  His sales pitch relies on the perpetuation and the continuation of a hoax that has come to light and been exposed at numerous scientific outlets such as University of East Anglia in London and Penn State and Michael Mann.  I mean, everywhere you look in the man-made global warming front, the evidence is abundant that they've jimmied the data.  They have lied.  They have made things up to fit their premise. 

 And so Algore, I don't know how many times he said it, he said it again (imitation), "This is it. We don't have another chance.  This is it, folks, imminent demise, imminent disaster, imminent death.  It's over.  We've only got one more chance."  For 25 years I've been hosting this program and every year I have heard Algore or others in the pro-man-made global warming political camp say, "We've only got one more chance."  I have heard everything. 

Here's my point.  Obamacare's been the law for two years and they're still selling it.  Obama is still running TV ads for it, still trying to close the sale.  The American people don't want it.  Algore still trying to close the sale on man-made global warming.  The majority of the American people now realize that if there is warming -- and there isn't -- if there is, it isn't man-made.  They understand now, a majority, it's getting close, realize this is a hoax.  We have had some of the most ridiculous explanations.  The reason now why there has been no warming in the last 15 years, they just figured it out:  volcanoes. 

Volcano burps, volcano belches, puts that filthy pollution stuff up there into the air, and it creates this mist, this haze, this cloud.  This may be the fog of depression that I've been talking about, but it keeps the searing rays of the sun from getting down to us.  They get reflected back into the atmosphere. Volcano pollution. Not car pollution.  No, car pollution and barbecue pollution cause global warming.  The volcano pollution is preventing warming.  It's not good pollution because it's accidental and we can't cause it and it's happenstance, and it's gonna end up going away.  At some point we're gonna clean up the volcano pollution and all of a sudden we're gonna start roasting again.  That's why we've only got one chance. 

It used to be that Sahara dust sand was the explanation for why there were no major hurricanes that hit the US.  Now it's volcano dust.  The American people do not want these products.  These are products, Obamacare, man-made global warming.  These are elements of the Democrat Party agenda, folks, particularly health care, but so is Obamacare.  I mean, the whole global warming thing is nothing but a political movement.  It's not rooted in science.  It is said to be rooted in science in order to fool people.  It is said to have roots in science and to have its foundation and proofs in science, but there aren't any proofs, there is no proof.  It's why it's an open question.  But it is a political item.  It's a political agenda.  No different than any other item in the left's political agenda. 

Here's what's frustrating to me.  And I'll bet it is to you, too.  Just using these two things as an example, we are winning the policy debate.  We're winning the policy debate on amnesty.  The American people do not want amnesty.  In fact, you go down every item on Obama's agenda, and practically every one, if not every one, the American people oppose it.  And, no, this is not another route for me to discuss the Limbaugh Theorem.  This is something else.  Every agenda item is opposed by the American people.  Obamacare, Algore man-made global warming, one last chance to save ourselves by going all socialist, all the time. 

We're winning the policy debates.  We're winning the debate on amnesty.  You know what our problem is?  We have nobody representing us.  The Republican Party is AWOL.  The American people don't have a political party representing them anywhere.  The Republican Party right now is, for some reason, animated by its desire to become more like the Democrats.  The Democrats say you're not gonna win unless you get the Hispanics liking you, the Republicans say, "Okay, fine, we'll soften on amnesty, we'll soften on" -- whatever it is.  "We'll tone down whatever it is you say they don't like about us."  Obama has not sold his agenda, folks, is my point.  Algore has not sold global warming.  The left has not created a functioning majority for any of their issues. 

Now, you might be saying, "Well, wait a minute.  Rush, Obama keeps getting elected."  We've discussed that.  For all different reasons.  My point is, because there is no opposition party that is opposing what's happening and representing a majority of the American people, people are losing faith in their country, not in Obama.  If Obama policies are so popular, if I'm wrong about this, why is there no robust happiness out there among the American people?  Even Obama supporters are part of the forever angry crowd.  There isn't anybody robustly happy out there.  Everybody's on edge.  Everybody's unhappy.  They're broke.  They can't get a job.  The only thing is they're not blaming Obama.  They're losing faith in the country. 

Again, it seems to me an ideal opportunity for a genuine alternative opposition movement or party, to make a connection with millions of Americans who happen to, by virtue of majorities, disagree with the status quo, meaning the Obama and Democrat Party establishment.  The American people have spoken and are speaking, and they're looking for representation in Washington.  They're looking for push-back.  The American people, who oppose the Obama agenda, can't find anybody or any representation in Washington that speaks for 'em.  It's not for a lack of looking.  And, meanwhile, while all this is going on, the Republican Party is sending out fundraising notes and requests and this kind of thing, but people say, "For what?" 

I don't mean this as a typical rant against the Republican Party.  I'm just giving you the lay of the land here.  I find it amazing that the president still has to sell Obamacare.  Most Americans don't want it.  I don't know why there isn't a political movement or party willing to connect to that opposition and go to town with it.  Same thing on global warming.  Same thing on amnesty.  Most amazing.  Now, of course we know the reason, it's Washington, it's not Republicans and Democrats, it's Washington versus the rest of the country, ruling class, country class.  I'm just giving you another illustration and way of thinking about it.  But it is very frustrating. 



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