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Morning Update: Bigger Is...

smallI’m going to discuss developments in New York City’s mayoral race, so I’ll give you a few seconds to get your kids out of range. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Okay. If the kids are still around, and ask questions, your fault, not mine.

It's Official: Obama's Recovery Weaker Than Bush's Recession, Yet News is All on Ben Affleck as Batman

RUSH: Get this now, this is from the Weekly Standard. Listen carefully to this. "Incomes Have Dropped Twice as Much During the 'Recovery' as During the Recession." According to Obama and the official recession agency out there... the recession ended in 2009, and that's when the recovery began. But -- as you know and I know -- there hasn't been a recovery, but in official Washington vernacular the recovery from the Bush recession began in June of 2009.

How Did You Stay on Top for 25 Years?

RUSH: This program every day is done for the audience, not for the media, not for my friends. It's done for the audience, and every day I try to do better and meet their expectations than the day before. Translate that into customer service in whatever you're gonna do, and the same thing will happen to you.

Family Guy, Mr. Buckley's Jackson Impression

RUSH: I think Seth MacFarlane thinks I'm a nut. (laughing) I think he thinks I'm "one of them." I'm "one of those," but for the time we were working together, he was a professional. The time we were working we had a mutual objective and he put it aside, it didn't matter. And he doesn't hold it against me -- and the fact that he's a "commie bastard" (laughing) doesn't bother me, either.

The Limbaugh Theorem is Real Out There, Folks

CALLER:  My husband has a coworker, nice guy, 24, African-American, and they were discussing the difficulties of finding a job and doing the things that need to be done, providing for their families, that type of thing.  And his coworker was just like, "And poor Obama's just trying. He's doing everything he can, and he's out there working, and there's just nothing that he can do."

How Did Steve Jobs Become Steve Jobs?

RUSH: There is a really important part of Steve Jobs' life that I don't know about that I would like to know about.  I don't know what happened to him (after he left Apple and then went to NeXT, which is his next computer company) that made him turn into this incredible leader, 'cause he was just a punk kid employee at Apple in the first stage, and something happened. I don't know what it is, and I would love to know.


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