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Irrelevant? Obama Declares Your Host His #1 Obstacle as EIB Inks Deal with Cumulus, Gets New Station in the Big Apple


RUSH: So I got in here at the usual time after working very early this morning, late into last night on show prep and stuff, and at about ten o'clock I get an e-mail from Greta Van Susteren, and I thought, "No, no, no, no, I just did her show.  She can't be asking me back."  And it wasn't that.  Her e-mail was, "Man, oh, man, do you live rent free in Obama's head."  And I said, "What's this?"  So I read further, and she just assumed that I knew what she was talking about, and I didn't, but I keep scrolling her e-mail and she'd finally attached a Mediaite story in which President Obama, in an interview this morning on CNN with Chris Cuomo, once again blamed me for the gridlock in Washington. 

I am the reason he can't move his agenda forward, which of course is silly because he's getting everything he wants.  He blamed me again.  I mean, it's like a broken record.  You know what I think is happening?  I think that nobody's listening to Obama anymore.  I don't think he commands nearly the attention or the interest that he did.  So what he's doing is going back to the greatest hits, kind of like if you're at a radio station and losing audience, play the hits, you know, stop the New Age stuff and go play the hits.  Well, he's going back and he recycled this idea that the Republicans are not cooperating with him because they're afraid of what I'm gonna say about them. 

The Republicans are not listening to me!  The true irony here is the Republicans are not listening to me.  I don't know who the Republicans are listening to outside of their consultants, but they're not listening to me, but he's gotta blame somebody.  But for what?  I mean, from his standpoint, hell, he just made a move -- did you hear what Chuck Rangel said?  Charles Rangel, on MSNBC, said that no student ought to ever have to pay to go to college.  Now, there's more to this than meets the eye.  'Cause you have to couple that with the fact that the government runs the student loan program.  So I will explain that as the program unfolds. I did not even intend to mention that right now.  I want to reserve that and then push it back later.  But his reasoning is, "Hey, look, we're not competing with ourselves.  We're competing with China.  Why should we have our students have to pay to educate themselves when it's in our best interests that they be educated?" 

I mean, it's a total statist view of everything.  The idea that a student would not be competing with other students is totally foreign to him. The idea that the only reason the student is being educated is to compete against China.  It's really silly.  But the point was put forth, the Millennials are gonna eat this up.  'Cause how many people have you heard, New Castrati say, "Yeah, it's immoral that we should have to pay to be educated, just like it's immoral we have to pay for health care." 

So, anyway, blame me.  The president of the United States seems to think that I'm something more than relevant.  It was just two weeks ago, let's review, shall be?  Two weeks, three weeks, a month ago, you couldn't turn on the Drive-By Media without reading that I was finished.  Let me tell you what you had read.  Because I have an announcement to make here.  I wasn't gonna do this, either.  My broadcast partners do not know I'm gonna do this, but I'm gonna go ahead and do this. (interruption) What, you think I shouldn't do this?  You don't think I should? 

The last month, if you read Politico or anything that linked to Politico or CNN or ABC or anywhere else, you were reading that it was over for me. That I was bad news for broadcast stations. They could not sell advertising and all of this was because of me and the controversy I engender and therefore I wasn't gonna be gone overnight, but three to four years, and that's it.  Fini, totala completa, out of there, gone. Once and for all the left would be rid of me. 

We're on 600 radio stations, and the way that was gonna happen was that a group owner, Cumulus Media, was going to cancel their contract with me on 35 of their radio stations, and that was going to end my career because one of those 35 was WABC in New York and WLS in Chicago and WMAL in Washington and WBAP in Dallas and WJR in Detroit and other such large markets.  And once that happens, sayonara, I'm in everybody's rearview mirror. 

This has been going on for a year.  We have negotiations with every radio station that carries the program, every group owner.  These negotiations just happened to end up in the public.  But the media believed everything that was being said because they wanted to.  And the image, I guess, that was created was that my heyday was gone, it was over with, and if you listen to me now, you better like it while you can, because you're not gonna be able to at the end of the year, 'cause I'm gonna be gone. 

Well, let's see.  On either Wednesday night or Thursday, we completed our negotiations with Cumulus Media, and there will not be any changes.  I will continue to be on their radio stations for the next three years.  It was really never in doubt, but I don't want to do my own version of negotiating here.  The only change that's going to happen is that on January 1st we are going to leave WABC and move to WOR in New York.  My syndication partner is Clear Channel Communications, and they own WOR, and so we're gonna go to our own radio station in New York.  And this has been mutually agreed to. 

The bottom line is, no change for you.  Wherever you're listening to this radio show today, you're gonna be able to hear it on January 2nd, 3rd, whenever I get back from the traditional Christmas break.  There will be no interruption to you.  There will be no change.  The radio program is as strong or stronger than ever.  It will be everywhere you are used to listening to it now.  If you like this station, you get to keep this station.  I'm not gonna take this station away from you and force you to go to a new one, as Obama's doing with your health care.  He said if you like your doctor, you like your plan, you get to keep it.  No, you don't.  You're gonna lose your doctor; you're gonna lose your plan. 

But I am the Doctor of Democracy.  I am America's Truth Detector.  And as the Doctor of Democracy, the deal you have with your doctor isn't changing.  You get to keep your doctor. You get to keep your plan. You get to keep your station.  Nothing's changing, and it really never was gonna change.  These were just public negotiations, which normally don't occur in public.  But the media got involved.  So the point is that the past month in the Drive-By Media, I was over, it was finished.  You better listen while you can because I was gone, I was ineffective, I was a has-been, it was old news, whatever happened on this program.


RUSH: In this interview today, Obama blamed me. After a month of being irrelevant, after a month of being almost over, after a month of being a has-been, after a month of salad days are behind me, the president of the United States -- who if anybody is not being listened to anymore, it's him. If anybody is tiring people out, it's him.  If anybody, at least making speeches, has become irrelevant, it's him. He's done it too much. He's been out there too often.

He's been saying the same old thing over and over. Nothing is changing. Everything is getting worse. We've got documentation in the form of news stories today about how the economy is literally getting worse -- and it's bad in home starts, any other number of things.  Today, I am back to being his number one obstacle.  Your host, the Doctor of Democracy, El Rushbo, for the past month was a has-been and I should just go ahead and resign while I'm at the top, they all said.

Now I'm back to being the number one obstacle. 

The president of the United States seems to think that I'm something more than relevant, seems to think that I'm something more than an entertainer.  The president has blamed me more than he blamed Boehner or McConnell or anybody else in the Republican organizational chart.  The president says the Excellence in Broadcasting Network is the single most powerful force in Republican/conservative politics today! 

The media narrative a few weeks ago was that I was over and irrelevant.  Now, who do I sue for whiplash? (laughing) Who do you sue for whiplash?  Do you realize what happened today?  Here I just leapfrogged over George W. Bush, over the Republican Party, over the speaker of the House. I leapfrogged over the rich.  I am at the top of the enemies list.  Yeah, that'll suffice as an official announcement for what's gonna happen. 

I was talking to my broadcast partners about it. They said, "How do you want to announce this?"

"I don't know, 'cause the only thing making it worth announcing is the lies that have been told about it in public."  So I said, "We got three choices.  We could put out a press release, I could do it on the radio, or we could just wait for it to leak."  I said, "It'll happen the way it's supposed to happen, the way everything else does. It'll happen by virtue of improv.  I will know when the right time is to make hay out of this," and so today appears to be the day.

So, yes, that suffices as an official announcement. 

I suspect now elements and members of the Drive-By Media are feverishly scurrying around trying to find evidence I'm lying about it.  (laughing)

You wait. 

It's almost in the cards. 


RUSH: You know, to give you an idea -- to show you what old news it is that Obama is criticizing me -- it used to be that if that happened, that was the number one item on the sound bite roster for the day. But today it's number three. The producers of the audio sound bite roster put it at number three! They didn't even put it at the top! My own staff didn't think it was that big a deal.

That's how... (interruption) I know. We've seen it all before. We've heard it all before. Obama blamed me the first two weeks in office to John Boehner and the Republicans. I told you that story. Then Boehner, I had a meeting with him, and he told me about it. He said, "Rush, why would Obama blame you to us? Why would he even bring you up to us?" And I had to tell him what was going on.

I said, "Mr. Speaker, what he's hoping would happen is, after that meeting where he says you can't listen to me and get things done in Washington, he's hoping that you or somebody in the Republican Party will go to a microphone and denounce me and agree with him! He's in the process of trying to discredit all conservative opposition," and the speaker was, "Oh, oh! Okay. I get it now."

He didn't understand why I was being mentioned. But here it is. Chris Cuomo interviewing Obama on CNN's New Day today. The question: "Syria! You've seen the images, Mr. President. You know the situation very well. You believe at this point that you need to investigate in order to say what seems obvious, which is the US needs to do more in Syria?"

OBAMA: Republicans, after having taken 40 votes to try to get rid of Obamacare, uh, see this as their last gasp. Nobody thinks that's good for the middle class! And I've made this argument to my Republican friends privately. And, by the way, sometimes they say to me privately, "I agree with you, but I'm worried about a primary from, y'know, somebody in the Tea Party back in my district," or "I'm worried about what Rush Limbaugh's gonna say about me on the radio -- and so you gotta understand, I'm... It's really difficult." I can't force these folks to do what's right for the American people. But what I sure as heck can do is stay focused on what I know will be good for the American people.

RUSH: I mean, that is... That's embarrassing. I mean, that is so cliched and predictable, that's embarrassing. Here he gets a question about Syria, and isn't it obviously we need to do more, and he starts beating up on the Republicans and basically calls them a bunch of cowards. They're either afraid of the Tea Party or they're afraid of me. What Obama's doing there... You know this as well as I do.

What Obama is doing there is actually focusing on the people he considers his biggest threat -- and believe me, that's the Tea Party. I'm gonna tell you something: These people, the Democrats, they do not want to debate anybody. They do not want to sit down in the arena of ideas and have a talk, debate, compromise. They want to eliminate opposition, and their way of doing that is discrediting it with people.

The way they eliminate opposition is to try to convince as many people as possible that the Tea Party is racist, a bunch of old rich white bigots. And, of course, you know what they say about me. That's what he's trying to get here. This idea that Republicans tell him privately that they agree with him? What Republican can ever go to the microphone and say, "Well, that's not true!" He's making that up: "A lot of Republicans don't meet privately, they agree with me."

Although (chuckling), it may well be that some of them did, based on what they support.

But, anyway, there you have it.

It's the third sound bite in the roster!



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