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It's Official: Obama's Recovery Weaker Than Bush's Recession, Yet News is All on Ben Affleck as Batman


RUSH: The economic news.  "Incomes Have Dropped..." Get this now, this is from the Weekly Standard.  Listen carefully to this.  "Incomes Have Dropped Twice as Much During the 'Recovery' as During the Recession." According to Obama and the official recession agency out there... the recession ended in 2009, and that's when the recovery began. But -- as you know and I know -- there hasn't been a recovery, but in official Washington vernacular the recovery from the Bush recession began in June of 2009.  This is a powerful statistic.  Incomes have dropped twice as much during Obama's recovery as they dropped during the Bush recession. 

It's bad out there.  New home sales have taken their biggest plunge since 2010.  "New Home Sales Hammered, Prompting Doubts About Recovery."  That's the CNBC headline

But this, my friends, is the real state of the nation.  This right there.  Have you heard that Ben Affleck has gotten the role as the next Batman?  The movie to debut in theaters in 2015.  That's the news that has really upset Americans.  Of everything going on, that's the news.  I kid you not.  Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have signed petitions to remove Ben Affleck from the role, and there is a petition at the White House calling for Obama to denounce the selection of Ben Affleck.  I'm not kidding you.  There is a petition presented to the White House by the American people demanding that Obama denounce the selection of Ben Affleck.


RUSH:  Snerdley still thinks I'm lying about this.  I'm not.  The White House set up these petitions for the little people to create the illusion that Obama's in touch with the little guy, and rule is that if any petition gets a hundred thousand signatures or more, Obama will make a ruling on it.  Right now, the petition asking Obama to dump Ben Affleck as Batman from the next movie in 2015, and it is a petition.  If you can't believe that, remember, people are calling 911 because they can't get McNuggets. They're calling 911 when their cable system goes out.  There's a petition asking Obama to get rid of Ben Affleck.  Right now that petition has 5,000 signatures, but I think after this we'll be at a hundred thousand by about three o'clock, 'cause I want a ruling on this. I want Obama to have to weigh in on Ben Affleck as Batman.  It's about time Obama went to work.


RUSH:  Now, I want to straighten some of this out because there appears to be some confusion.  The petition that's out there that asks Obama to dump Ben Affleck is not a White House petition.  Obama set up this program where anybody can submit a petition at something called Change.org.  But that is not run by the White House.  It's not part of the WhiteHouse.gov website.  It's independent of the White House.  And that is where these petitions are.  And if any of these petitions are signed by a hundred thousand or more people, the deal is, made by Obama, that he will react to it and do whatever the petitioners want, or try to.  And it is there that the Affleck position is, and it has about 5,000 signatures now. 

There was a petition in March 2012 entitled, "Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin."  It got 2.2 million signatures.  It's a private operation, but the White House follows it.  The White House petition doesn't seem to have anything on the Affleck petition yet, but the effort is still there and there are people still calling for this.  There are two petitions.  There is one at the White House website, too, or there was, but it was just removed, coincidentally.  Isn't that strange.  As soon as it's mentioned on this program, it's taken down. 

According to CBS News in Detroit the petition was quickly removed from the White House website with a message that it violated the terms of service.  Now, the petition that's out there, the Change.org petition demanding that Obama remove Ben Affleck from the role of Batman. It says, "His acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne and he won’t do the role justice. He’s not built, nor is he intimidating enough for the role of Batman. His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious and he’s not remotely close to an action star. Please find someone else.”

I'm not kidding you.  This is a petition at Change.org asking Obama to remove Ben Affleck.  That's what's on the minds of the American people today.  I told you everybody's looking for some earth-shattering political event that's gonna wake the American people up.  And it could well be, folks, if Obama comes out and supports Ben Affleck in this role, it could be his undoing. Not destroying everybody's economy. Not destroying paychecks. Not destroying home values. No, no, none of that matters.  But if Obama comes out and defends Affleck, he could be in deep doo-doo with the low-information crowd. 

Now, the White House petition, there were two Affleck petitions.  There was one at the White House, and it has been removed.  But the Change.org petition is addressed to Warner Brothers.  The White House petition was addressed to Obama, the wording pretty much the same.  The bottom line here, folks, is don't doubt me.  Two petitions asking Obama to get rid of Ben Affleck.  That is the state of the nation. 


RUSH: Weekly Standard story.  Incomes have dropped twice as much during Obama's recovery as they did during the so-called Bush recession.  Here's a pull quote from the story.  "And perhaps it's just a coincidence, but the span of time over which the typical American household's income has dropped by about $2,400 a year (during an ostensible 'recovery') corresponds almost exactly with the span of time that we've been living with the looming specter of Obamacare."

So here are the relevant facts.  Incomes, personal income, take-home pay has dropped twice as much as it did during the recession.  The recovery began in June of 2009, we're told by the officials.  So we've been in a recovery.  Now, you and I both know that there's no recovery going on. The American people have been told we're in a recovery, and they read AP every week, the jobs report, and it's right there on Yahoo News, that the recovery is chugging along. The jobs aren't coming quite as fast, but they read about the recovery and they see it on CNN and they see it wherever they watch that the recovery is happening, but it's sluggish. 

There is no recovery.  You know it as well as I know it.  The truth of the matter is that Obama's recovery has done more harm to personal income than the recession we're recovering from.  This is unprecedented.  There has never in this country been anything like this where people's personal income fell twice as fast during a recovery as it fell during the recession that preceded it.  And then the added fact here is that incomes falling in this recovery correspond almost exactly with the span of time we've been living with the looming specter of Obamacare.

The looming specter of Obamacare began to be debated in earnest in June of 2009.  That is when we are told that the recovery began.  So the Obamacare debate, the Obamacare vote, and now the Obamacare implementation happens to coincide with a period of time where people's incomes are going down at a rapid, rapid rate.  Unintentional, of course, totally unintentional.  "Obama's out there, you hear him, we hear him.  He opposes this, Rush.  I don't know what you're talking about.  I heard him the other day. He made a speech where he said, 'We gotta create jobs, do everything we can.'  It's like his 19th speech.  He really wants to create jobs, Rush.  I don't know what you're talking about." 

This is why people are losing faith in America, not him.  My God, this guy's trying.  In fact, some people think if Obama can't create jobs, nobody can.  I mean, such is the misplaced adoration people have.  Single-family homes, Commerce Department, the regime reports that the sale of new single-family homes dropped 13 and a half percent, widely missing expectations.  New home sales, biggest drop since 2010, the lowest reading since October of 2012, the biggest drop since May of 2010.  And yet they tell us we're in a recovery, and people say, "But Obama's got all these programs to help people recover from their mortgages and their underwater status.  Obama's really working hard to get people back into their homes and get their home value up." 

Isn't it amazing how everything Obama's working really hard on is getting worse?  But it is, and people just can't be made to believe that Obama's got anything to do with it.  Now, again, he can't do this alone.  He needs a slavish, sycophantic media and a basically silent Republican Party.  You put those two things together and whatever Obama does is going to stand, whatever he says is gonna stand.  It's gonna be the reality.  When the media doesn't challenge his power, when the Republicans do not tell people what Obama's policies are really doing, then you can't blame people for not figuring it out.

Then you add to it most people do not want to believe that their president would purposely damage health care.  "Obama, he wants everybody to have health care.  Obama wants everybody to never die.  Obama, he's just working really hard. He's got kids too, Rush." Yeah, right, right, right.  Can't persuade 'em. 

There's no reason to lose faith in America.  But these policies that are in place that are dictating all this are left-wing.  Folks, I want to ask you again, you know, I used cities in the previous example.  Everybody thinks that health care's a mess.  Would somebody tell me what conservative idea is being implemented in the health care system right now that would explain it?  You can't because there isn't one.  Could you explain to me what conservative policy or idea explains the job market?  You can't.  There aren't any. 

Could somebody explain to me the conservative ideas and philosophies which are affecting home price?  You can't, and yet the American people are told that conservatism is gonna destroy the country, that conservatives don't care about 'em, conservatives hate 'em, conservatives support the rich.  There isn't any conservatism being implemented here.  It's all liberalism.  It's all the Democrat Party.  And while their lives crumble, the American people live in fear of the Republicans maybe winning an election. 

This is a headline from the Investor's Business Daily:  "Obama's Economy:  We've Fallen And Can't Get Up -- Household incomes are still down 4.4% since the recession ended four years ago. Meanwhile, the unemployment picture may be even worse than we think. The Obama 'recovery' continues to impress.  According to a report released this week by Sentier Research, the inflation-adjusted median household income remains $2,380 below where it stood when the Obama 'recovery' officially started."

So Investors.com, same story on income dropping faster during our recovery than it did during the recession.  Anybody who doubts that there are reasons for Obama to distract from his failed economic policies doesn't understand it.  But all of this is designed to distract people. 

Now, in one area it's falling apart for Obama, and that is Obamacare.  The latest Gallup poll, only 41% of the American people approve of Obamacare.  But you want to hear a shocking stat from the Gallup poll?  Thirty-two percent of the respondents in the Gallup poll say they're still unfamiliar with Obamacare.  So let's say we accept that, a third of the American people don't know what it is.  These are the people urging Obama to sign a petition to throw Ben Affleck off the Batman movie.  If you missed the first hour of the program, what really has the people of this country upset today is Ben Affleck has been cast as the next Batman. 

People are outraged and they've gone to the White House website demanding in petitions that Obama do something about it.  I'm not kidding you.  I don't know who's playing the love interest.  I haven't gotten that far. Batman doesn't have a love interest.  Bruce Wayne does, but Batman -- I guess it's one and the same, I guess.  Hell, I don't know.  But all I know is that what the American people today are really upset about is Ben Affleck cast as Batman and they're so mad about it that they've signing petitions at the White House demanding Obama get rid of him.  I kid you not.  Meanwhile, our intellectual highbrows are debating the commas and the semicolons and the capital letters in the policy papers of Obamacare.



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