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Rush and Ashton Kutcher Story Continues: What Conservative Policies are Causing Inner-City Blight?


RUSH: Now, later on CNN, actually this is yesterday, Jake Tapper's talking to the anchor Don Lemon about me and my praise of the actor Ashton Kutcher.  Don Lemon says, "Prominent conservatives like Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, they're singing the praises of Ashton Kutcher.  But when did working hard or having a solid work ethic become only a conservative value?"  So now these guys are trying to co-opt -- I'll answer that.  Can somebody explain to me the last liberal who talked like Ashton Kutcher did in those sound bites?  Can somebody find for me where Obama said anything similar to it? 

Can you find any liberal who talks about taking any job, working hard, who doesn't talk about benefits, who doesn't talk about entitlements, who doesn't talk about what you're owed?  It is, what Kutcher said, conservative values.  And this exposes the bankruptcy of the left and the media on these values, that they're all worried now that I went in there and co-opted an actor and ended up placing him on our side.  Here's what Jacob Tapper said in response.

TAPPER:  I don't think it is, but conservatives are saying, like the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh, are talking about Ashton Kutcher as somebody who is preaching conservative values.  This often happens, Don.  You see somebody say something that seems like common sense and one political side or the other says, "This is exactly what we stand for."

LEMON:  Yeah.

TAPPER:  I think in this case conservatives did a very good job of pouncing on it and making it, co-opting it as their own.

RUSH:  We didn't have to pounce on it, and we didn't have to co-opt it.  No leftist made a move on this.  Ashton Kutcher said this on a Sunday.  I heard about it on Tuesday, and that's when we talked about it.  There wasn't one Democrat, there wasn't one person in the media -- and you know they had to be watching, I mean, it was the Teen Choice Awards.  Not one of them, not one leftist anywhere, big or small, cited what Ashton Kutcher said, and said, "Man, that's right on. That's good. That's on the money, cool. Way to keep talking."  Nobody on the left did that. 

I'll guarantee you that most people on the left hearing Kutcher were shocked, couldn't believe he was talking that way, precisely because he sounded like me.  I'll guarantee you it had to bother 'em.  Those are, unfortunately, exclusive conservative values.

Let's see.  Take New York City.  Can somebody tell me what conservative policies are in place in New York City that are causing the 50% dropout rate, all of the economic problems, can't eat here, can't smoke there, can't drive that, somebody tell me what conservative values or policies, if you will, are being implemented in New York City?  Can somebody explain to me what the conservative values in San Francisco are?  Can anybody explain to me what conservatism has had to do with Philadelphia or Detroit?  Can somebody explain this to me?  Does anybody have an answer for this? 

Show me the conservative values that are being implemented, that are being used in all of these failing blue cities and blue states.  And the answer is you can't.  But you go to places where conservative values are being implemented and policies.  One of the places where that's happening right now is North Carolina.  North Carolina, in all kinds of areas, voting ID, voting registration, voting rights, the economic policies that are taking place in North Carolina.  The left is livid about what's happening in North Carolina, and they're mounting efforts to criticize it, to reverse it, shut it down. 

North Carolina has become a huge enemy of the Democrat Party.  You take a look at what's happening in North Carolina.  There you will find the implementation of conservative values and policies.  Elected Republicans are actually doing what they said they would do when they were campaigning for the office, whatever office it was.  Wherever you go in this country, and you find liberal policies and liberal values, what are you gonna find?  Destruction, despair, unemployment, economic malaise, houses being bulldozed, you name it, and you will not find one conservative policy in place at any of those places. 

And yet what does the left spend all day doing?  Telling everybody that conservatism is the ruination of the individual, the ruination of our country.  And yet everywhere the left has a total lock on whatever it is they're running, it's a disaster.  No conservatism can be found in any of these places.  You know it as well as I do.


RUSH:  Chris in South Bend, Indiana.  It's great to have you.  I'm glad you called.  Welcome.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush. Love you, man.  Hey, I noticed at the beginning of class you played a sound bite of Jake Tapper talking about Ashton Kutcher's speech from the "Teen Indoctrination Awards."

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  And I noticed at the end of that bite he said the conservatives all seem to try to co-opt anything that makes -- you know, anything that's common sense.  And I thought it was interesting. In that little comment, it seems like he inadvertently admitted that they know what we believe is common sense.

RUSH:  Let me read to you what he said.  He said, "This often happens. You hear somebody say something that sounds like common sense, and one political side or the other says, 'That's exactly what we stand for.'  In this case, they did a very good job of pouncing on it and making it -- or co-opting it -- as their own."

CALLER:  Right.  Yeah, so it sounds like they're admitting that Kutcher sounded just like you, just like any good conservative.  So it sounds like he's admitting that we're espousing common sense.

RUSH:  I don't think he meant to do that, but you have a good point.

CALLER:  Right.  Inadvertently he did it.  Then it reminds me, my wife and I have friends, a married couple, and they are just so proud to be liberals, you know? It makes them feel good about themselves.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  And we'll have conversations with them, and I'll make a bunch of conservative points without letting them know, without announcing my conservative points, and they agree with them. They're all in. They think it's great, and then I'll let 'em know, "This is basic conservative philosophy," and then all of a sudden they're down. You know, it shuts 'em off.

RUSH:  Why do you think that is?

CALLER:  That's what I can't figure out.  They agree with it!

RUSH:  Well, part it's branding.  Part of it is branding.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  But there's another part of it, too.  The other part of it is, they live in their little cocoon. They're walled off, and they've got their own egoistic orientation of what's good, bad, and not. So if something is said or happens that upset that precious balance in their cocoon, they can't deal with it.  "Wait a minute, that's what conservatives think?  No!  No!  No! Then that can't be good.  That can't be good."  You've just destroyed their comfort. You've eaten away their security blanket that makes 'em feel good. 



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