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The Limbaugh Theorem is Real Out There, Folks


RUSH:  Kennewick Washington, we go back to the phones.  This is Jen.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  It's great to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I was just calling to give you a very pertinent example of the Limbaugh Theorem.

RUSH:  Ah, cool.

CALLER:  My husband has a coworker, nice guy, 24, African-American, and they were discussing the difficulties of finding a job and doing the things that need to be done, providing for their families, that type of thing.  And his coworker was just like, "And poor Obama's just trying. He's doing everything he can, and he's out there working, and there's just nothing that he can do."  And my husband was like --

RUSH:  Isn't it amazing?  I think this phenomenon is part and parcel of slavish idolized media coverage of Obama.  I think part and parcel of it is hangover from the '08 campaign where Obama was whatever great thing you wanted him to be.  And the ongoing criticism that the Republicans are mean-spirited hatemongers who only care about the rich, and Obama's constant campaigning.  He's out there always campaigning.  Nineteen different jobs programs.  There aren't any new jobs.  But your husband's coworker thinks Obama's working really hard to try to fix it. 

Your husband's coworker is clueless.  Your husband's coworker doesn't have the slightest idea that the economic circumstances in America today are a direct result of President Barack Obama's policies.  'Cause they don't see the guy governing.  They see him campaigning, trying to fix things that they also think need to be fixed.  And the Republicans do not engage in any pushback, and so there's no opposite countervailing point of view.  Nobody is pointing out to these people what Obama has done, what his policies mean, what they do, and what he's actually causing to happen.


RUSH: I want to go back to Jen in Kennewick, Washington.  She's the last caller that we had, that her husband works with a guy, 24-year-old African-American, and they're having trouble finding good jobs, and she was describing how the 24-year-old friend of her husband thinks Obama's working really hard out there. Obama's doing everything he can to try to create jobs, and she said it was the Limbaugh Theorem on display. 

I mean, right there, her husband ran straight into it.  His friend, his coworker, complaining about how hard it was to find work and, boy, if anybody can fix it, Obama can because he's working so hard on it.  Now, Saul Alinsky, the radical that Obama admires and patterns himself after, Saul Alinsky said that if the revolution that he longed for, that he advocated, that he taught, if it ever were to become reality, it would happen without anybody noticing it.  That's how subtle it was supposed to be.  That's how successful it was supposed to be.  A giant, thorough revolution that nobody would notice while it's happening. 

Now, the Limbaugh Theorem, however, demonstrates to people how it's happening.  And so this revolution, whatever, Obamaism, call it that, people are now beginning to see it.  Not everybody, of course.  Many people think that what Obama is doing must be unintentional.  By the way, this is also very smart on Obama's part and the Democrat Party, because most people would never believe that all of this damage being done to the country is intentional.  Presidents wouldn't do that.  No president would, especially Obama, who, my gosh, he was such a great guy, great speeches, I mean, all this respect.  No, it can't be intentional. 

So they then retreat into the belief that Obama's working really hard to fix it.  It can't be intentional, because it's so unthinkable.  Nobody can process, we're talking about low-information voters here, people just can't process that somebody like a president could actually intend to do all this.  And that makes it really tough to convince people or to persuade them.  'Cause they don't want to believe it.  Most people who are not already politically attuned and conservative don't want to believe it, because this kind of thing being done on purpose is unthinkable. 

It's totally believable that a foreign enemy would try to do this, but not somebody we elect president.  Come on.  It's not even thinkable.  So it can't be intentional.  It's unintentional, so unthinkable, so while it's unintentional, Obama is seen as working really hard to fix it, when in fact the truth is that he's the architect of all this.  But it's a tough sell to people, as we know.  They don't want to believe it.  You give them incontrovertible proof, they don't want to believe it.  Most people reject it.  Such is the respect and reverence and aura that people have for the presidency, yet facts are facts.  And reality is reality.



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