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Pearls of Wisdom

"There has been a successful demonization of all conservatives, at least for 25 years, and it's obviously longer than that because Reagan underwent it, too. But Reagan had the ability to overcome it because he had the bully pulpit of the presidency, and he reached every American when he spoke."

"We have 27 sound bites in the sound bite roster today, and the first 17 are about me. I don't know what to do. As you know, I try not to make the program about me. "

"The left is not interested in debating us, and they're not interested in winning a debate in the arena of ideas. They are scared to death of our ideas -- and, as such, the way they go about winning is to try to discredit anybody and everybody who's credible with alternative ideas to liberalism."

"There are a lot of Democrats that tell me that they are just distressed over what Obama has done to the health care industry and to jobs. They are afraid to say anything about it because of recriminations, because this regime fights back. I mean, this regime does not take internal criticism at all, just like they try to eliminate all conservative opposition."

"When the Democrats do lose elections, what do they say about the voters? I mean, they rip 'em! They got fooled or they're stupid idiots or what have you."

"Barack Obama happens to be the first African-American, and so criticism of him is and always was gonna be racism, and therefore not permitted."

"Republicans are afraid to go against Obama en masse. I mean, there are three or four of them who aren't, but that's about it."

"If you're gonna tax the hell out of people, you're gonna have to have people that work, and we don't."

"If you had a Republican Party, an active Republican Party establishment that was representing the people that elected 'em, that was attempting to stop this and accomplish something else, you'd see a lot different attitude in this country."

"I can't give money away to buy listeners. I can't pay listeners off with phones or food stamps or anything. I can't come by my audience by buying it. I can't promise my audience anything and then give it to them. I can't get an audience by telling the audience how rotten all the other hosts are (which I don't do anyway). But Obama does all that."

"What's being discussed is why Obama can't get anything done -- and it's me!"

"I was telling Mr. Snerdley, "Sometimes I dream how about how big my audience could be if I could give away $38,000 to every American, if I could give every American food, if I could give every American who doesn't have one a cell phone," and, by the way, if I were gonna do that, it would be iPhones, not that cheap stuff Obama gives away."

"My success is largely determined by how many of my listeners actually spend their money. Obama couldn't compete in my business, but I could compete in his. You give me $3 trillion to give away and play Santa Claus with -- and a media that rips into everybody I don't like and destroys them -- why, nobody could stop me, either!"

"I've had several staff members jump into my chili, disagreeing with me rather frantically when I said that there has been very little improvement in race relations since Martin Luther King's speech, pointing out that... (interruption) Okay, if I'm wrong, then I guess we'll hear all the progress detailed on Wednesday when they speak. (interruption) That's right. They need it miserable, and they are gonna continue to say it's miserable."

"A friend pointed out to me that if people in sales responded to intellectual appeals instead of emotional, do you think they'd sell the same amount of stuff? No way, is the simple answer -- and conservatism is an intellectual approach."

"As stated by the president of the United States, I'm the problem."


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