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Pearls of Wisdom

"MSNBC's total audience equals the New York audience at any given 15 minutes for this program."

"You know, one of the amazing facts of history is that the real segregationists in this country leading up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were Democrats, particularly southern Democrats in the Senate."

"The Kennedy Administration were monitoring Martin Luther King. They had collected all the information that he was having affairs with numerous women, and they were stockpiling this stuff along with J. Edgar Hoover over at the FBI. It was a bunch of Democrats collecting all of this surveillance, conducting the surveillance."

"The attitude of the Democrat Party is that wherever there are Republicans they are so bad, they are so discriminatory, they are so racist, they're so bigoted, they're just such reprobates that we can't afford to let them have any say whatsoever in what's happening."

"Ladies and gentlemen, even on my own staff challenges me. When I issue edicts, commands, orders, ideas, you would think that there would be overwhelming blanket acquiescence, approval, and support."

"This program yesterday, folks, hijacked -- unknowingly -- a PAC 12 college football coach conference call."

"The whole point of Obamacare is right here: Government-run, single payer. That's what's out on the horizon, and the way we get there is to slowly dissolve private sector insurance as an industry. Just get rid of it. When it's not there there, and the law says you have to have health insurance, pretty soon the only place to get it is going to be at the government."

"There is no warming, and there hasn't been for 15 years. Global warming is a political issue. It is as much a political issue to the left as abortion is. It's as big a political issue as health care is."

"Some warming would actually be good in some parts of the world. It would actually be helpful to a lot of people, both in comfort and the production of food."

"Being a conservative union member is almost like being an actor in Hollywood: You don't dare say it, or you might be injured on the job, or you might be laid off, or your family might have something happen to them."

"How in the world can that a photo ID deny you the right to vote, unless you're not who the photo is?"

"What would Dr. King say about Benghazi? What would Dr. King think of Obama's golf handicap? What would he think of black unemployment today? We kind of know that because his son, Martin Luther King III, has weighed in on it, and he's not happy about it. What would Dr. King think of Barack Obama stripping African-American students' school vouchers in Washington within the first six months of his presidency? What would Dr. King think of Michelle Obama trying to determine everybody's lunch menu at every school in America and traveling on her own government jet to Spain with her own entourage for a vacation? What would Dr. King think of Reverend Wright?"

"What do you think would happen if Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas showed up at the Martin Luther King festivities today, actually up there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? What do you think would happen? He'd not just be booed, they'd throw him out of there. Yeah, he'd be booed, but they'd throw him out of the place as well."

"No matter how the union member votes, his dues are donated to Democrat candidates and Democrat causes -- and that is something else that needs to change. I mean, the union member needs to be able to opt out of his dues being used in political ways that he would not choose."

"Dr. King was the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. He was, among many other things, a man of the cloth. So he's being hijacked, and people who cannot possibly answer these questions are presuming to know."

"I really think it's a near crime what is being done here, to take the occasion of this man's great address and what he stood for and basically hijack it for President Barack Obama. I would think, if I were President Obama, I'd be a little embarrassed I can't stand on my own."


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