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The Evidence Proves Global Warming is a Hoax, But That Doesn't Stop the Left


RUSH:  You know, the global warming crowd is back.  What was it, the UN, the IPP, UPP, we PP, whatever the group is. The climate science group says there's 95% certainty now that the undeniable global warming is undeniably caused by human beings.  That was last week.  It is a hoax.  All of it. I don't know how else to say it.  All of that is just wrong, and these people know it's wrong. 

The factual data contradicts virtually every claim they make -- and yet, I have to tell you: As I mentioned before, I read high-tech blogs and the high-tech bloggers. Some of them think they're scientists, and there's a couple of these blogs, whenever there's global warming news, they report it as though it's gospel.  These young kids... Well, "young kids."  They're 24 to 30 years old, and they buy into it totally.  They totally buy into it! They can't wait to be able to afford a Tesla, an electric car.

They can't wait to have their own windmill in the backyard. They believe that oil and man are causing global warming.  They don't even question it, and they're not even aware. Of course, these people think they're some of the smartest people in the world.  They're not even aware that the whole thing's been debunked.  Real Science, Steven Goddard.  "This summer, the US has experienced the fewest number of 100 degree readings in a century.

"The five hottest summers (1936, 1934, 1954, 1980 and 1930) all occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM." Four of these summers were before the number one cause of global warming: SUVs and fossil fuel-burning vehicles.  Now, Algore made a big deal a couple weeks ago about the fact that CO2 levels have now gone past 400 parts per million this year, indicating that heat waves and carbon dioxide have nothing to do with each other, and I'm telling you that these scientists who claim otherwise are just lying or they are dangerously incompetent. 

There is no warming, and there hasn't been for 15 years.  They chalk that up to, "Well, there's volcanoes, and other mitigating factors. It's just a temporary interruption."  But the only thing that you really need to know is, these people are out warning us of global warming, "It's a very bad thing!  I mean, it's grown destroy this! It's gonna forever change the earth. It might swallow up entire coastlines and islands!"  It's a very bad thing, to these people.  So any news that it isn't happening auditing greeted with happiness, right?

But it isn't. 

Any news that global warming isn't happening causes a panic and causes a crisis. 

That's because -- I say again as a broken record -- global warming is a political issue.  It is as much a political issue to the left as abortion is.  It's as big a political issue as health care is.  It is nothing more than another spoke in the wheel that advances the Democrat or leftist agenda.  It's not science. It has nothing to do with science.  It's simply called "science" because science is still an area where most people do not think it's been corrupted.

They do not think it's been politicized, and I'm here to tell you: Virtually every walk of life that the Democrats or the leftists talk about is political and has been corrupted politically and is used to advance the agenda.  Seriously.  If rising sea levels are going to forever alter or swallow up parts of New York City, wouldn't it be good that that isn't happening?  It would.  And they're not happy.  And you know what else? 

They have been suggesting various ways to stop this warming.  Why not take credit for it?  If it's been 15 years and no warming has taken place, why don't they say it's because of them and their efforts, that they have succeeded in having governments implement all around the world?  "It's working, and we just need to do more of this." They don't even do that.  All they do is get their backs up and start lying even more.  To me, that's the single biggest piece of evidence to refute them that there is. 

Some warming would actually be good in some parts of the world. It would actually be helpful to a lot of people, both in comfort and the production of food.  "No, it's all bad.  It's calamitous, in fact!"  So why not be happy?  And why not take the credit?  Well, the answer is the political agenda depends on people believing they are responsible for it.  The political agenda depends on the left being able to convince you that you are causing it, thereby giving them control over your life to supposedly stop this disaster from happening. 

Which is all this is about. It is a way to get you to agreeably give your liberty.  And that's what's being interrupted.  The fact is that they need warming for the rest of their claims to be believed, and when it isn't warming, they've got a problem.  That's how they come up with these really outrageous lies.  But it is a fascinating thing to me, I must tell you. It's a fascinating thing to me to watch and to read and to see how otherwise intelligent people have just bought this without questioning it.

Hook, line, and sinker. 

It's a learning exercise for me.  It once again reminds me what we are up against, and it's frustrating at the same time. Because if otherwise smart people can be so easily sucked in to believe something like this, what else can they be made to believe?  And we already know.  "Republicans and conservatives are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes!  No question about it.  In fact, the Republicans run Congress!

"That alone is justification for ignoring them when it comes to going to war, when it comes to using maybe even a one-day nuclear strike on Syria.  Ah, we don't have to go through Congress; the Republicans run it.  Everybody hates them! We don't have to pay attention to it. They don't even support us.  So why should we go through them?" Meaning: "We're not about opposition.  Any opposition to us is illegitimate.  We're not gonna even acknowledge opposition." So says the president. So says the Democrat Party. 

But ask yourself: We are now August 28th, and this story is absolutely true. 

How many overwhelmingly, abnormally hot days have captivated the media this summer in their reporting?  I don't remember, frankly, any.  I don't remember a couple days in a row of the media talking about unusually warm days here or there, "which means obviously that global warming is happening," because there haven't been any of these outrageously hot, 100-degree-plus days.  The evidence keeps mounting that the pro-global warming people are nothing but a bunch of political hacks.



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