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Pearls of Wisdom

"Are you willing to pay $10 for a Big Mac so that the entry-level wage is $15 an hour?"

"There's a study out there that has found that if you are a fan of a losing sports team, you have a greater tendency to obesity. Not just you eat more, you eat 16% more saturated fats when your team loses than if your team wins. Can you believe that? It's not that you just eat more because you're depressed and you're forlorn and you've got nothing to hold onto. Life isn't worth living. Your team lost."

"The students at the schools where the Moochelle Obama has been implemented are livid. They're not eating the stuff. They think it's horrible. They're miserable. They're unhappy. In fact, they're hungrier now than when the Republicans starved them with school lunch cuts back in the nineties."

"Martin Luther King Jr. was interesting. If you read a lot of what he said or wrote, Martin Luther King did not blame the Constitution. Martin Luther King acknowledged that the Constitution did indeed spell out the right thing for all people."

"They think this settlement is going to end the conversation about this? Ha! This is only the beginning. I don't understand what people cannot look at history and learn from it. This settlement doesn't end anything. They just opened a whole bunch of doors now at the NFL."

"They said that the Republican school lunch cuts were bad back in the nineties, and they were really starving, but it's worse now with Moochelle. It's not that she's starving 'em. It's the food's so bad, nobody wants to eat it."

"Who is complaining about gridlock in Washington? That'd be Obama. Who is he blaming for it? Me!"

"The American people are ticked off. There's high unemployment. There are high oil prices, stagnant wages, growing debt. Obama lives in a vacuum in Washington and Martha's Vineyard. He's living the life of Riley!"

"A lot of people are ticked off, but not enough of them are mad at Obama and the government. The sad thing is that so many people, particularly young people, are losing faith in America, the American dream. There is no America if there's no American dream, and a lot of young people don't think the American dream is possible."

"America's greatness was not an accident. America's greatness was not a coincidence. America's greatness was not luck. It was the result of a blessing and genuine substance. And it is not in decline because of evolution."

"Obama actually said that one of the great things about this country is 'ordinary people doing extraordinary things,' and then he said, 'The sad fact is, there aren't many examples of that.' There aren't many examples of that? There are examples of it every day, 'ordinary people doing extraordinary things.'"

"There was no dishonor in work, in his world. There was no job that was beneath any individual. It's such a stark contrast."

"Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King believed in the American dream in 1966, '67. It sounds to me like he believed in the American dream."

"There is nothing wrong with this country that a change in leadership would not cure."

"The minimum wage is not designed to be a wage that supports a family of one or four. It's entry-level."

"Republican Party doesn't seem to want to get involved here in stopping, delaying, repealing, or defunding Obamacare, 'cause they're so afraid of what the media will say about 'em. It's 77% of the American people, and depending on the poll, it's anywhere from 60% now to 77% who oppose it, want it repealed or some aspect of it. That is a huge number of voters with whom the Republicans could form an electoral relationship."


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