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The GOP is Missing Its Chance to Become Champion of a Huge Majority Against Obamacare


RUSH: CBS News: "Obamacare took another punch to the gut today with 77%," this is a new high, "of American voters believe the individual mandate should be repealed or delayed."  Seventy-seven percent! "According to this new poll by the Morning Consult, not only do 77% of voters think the mandate should be repealed -- or delayed -- but also 65% of Democrats agree." It seems like every day there's a new poll showing a rising percentage of people opposed to this law.  And I, for the life of me, I don’t... I really don't!

There's a huge batch of Americans, a majority -- you'd agree that 77% is a majority, right? -- that the Republican Party could connect with here and become their champion, take up their cause, form a relationship with them. It's 65% of Democrats!  But the Republican Party doesn't seem to want to get involved here in stopping, delaying, repealing, or defunding Obamacare, 'cause they're so afraid of what the media will say about 'em. It's 77% of the American people, and depending on the poll, it's anywhere from 60% now to 77% who oppose it, want it repealed or some aspect of it. 

That is a huge number of voters with whom the Republicans could form an electoral relationship.