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America's Chickens Come Home to Roost: Assad's Kid Taunts Obama on Facebook

RUSH: The guy's all alone.  For a measly little one-day strike on Syria, the guy's all alone.  He can't put together a coalition.  After telling the world that Bush didn't know what he was doing, after telling the world that Bush was a near criminal, after telling the world that Bush was so incompetent, the cowboy of the world, and everybody hated us, and Obama was gonna make us loved and respected and all of that?

The Audacity of the Haughty

RUSH: I just watched John Kerry from a State Department set that I have never seen. It looks like the dining room in his Beacon Hill home, with a crystal chandelier and everything... Obama sends Lurch out to pitch the case for US military action -- and now, and now all over CNN, they have TIME Magazine people saying, "This is nothing like Iraq in 2003! No way! This is not like Iraq."

Are You Willing to Pay Double for a Big Mac?

RUSH: The people that own Mickey D's don't just have piles of money in the back that they're hoarding and trying to keep away from their employees because they're mean and they don't like their employees and they really hope their employees have miserable lives.  They're trying to stay in business.  Across the street's a Burger King or something else that's trying to sell for lower prices than what they have. 


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