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"There's an entire industry of people in this country who are getting along by finding ways to not be damaged by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party and their policies."

"Don't you understand how most businesses are themselves one version of paycheck to paycheck? They're just one Democrat regulation from going bankrupt."

"John Kerry must not want to be heard. Whatever he's gonna say on Syria, he must not want anybody to hear it, because he's gonna speak at 12:30. That means that nobody's gonna hear what he says."

"We had the Butcher of Baghdad, which was Saddam Hussein. Obama has called Assad a butcher. Obama can't even put together two, and what happened in Iraq is the same thing going on in Syria."

"Everything about Obama was phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roll. Here he is now becoming obvious and apparent."

"What Snerdley? What is President Obama's foreign policy? I don't know. It depends on the issue. Yeah, it's kind of like the law. If he likes it, he obeys it. If he doesn't, he does an executive order."

"Folks, I'm sorry. I'm gonna apologize to you here in advance. I'm doing my best to separate my obvious bias against this administration. These people are an embarrassment."

"Obama can't even put together a three-country coalition for a one-day cruise missile strike on a desert in Syria. This is called comeuppance, and there's a part of me that is delighting in it, and there's another part of me that says, 'This is just not good for the United States of America.'"

"The Obama Doctrine is deemphasize the role of the United States in the world. Because, in Obama's point of view, the United States has been the problem more than it's been the solution."

"Government can't fix everything. You can't fix the problem in health care with government."

"So all these assertions that you're hearing in the sports media that football causes suicide, Parkinson's? No. Not proven. If it were, this settlement would be 25 times more, and they'd ban the game. They would ban the game."

"These are the people that are not going to the UN, they can't put together a coalition, and are purposely ignoring Congress. These people are an embarrassment."

"The only good thing that I can say about this is at least he's not criticizing this country, which is a new step for him."

"Obamacare says that you do not have to provide insurance or pay a penalty for anybody working fewer than 30 hours a week, so businesses have converted full-timers to part-timers working less than 30 hours."

"On Document Dump Friday, Holiday Weekend Document Dump Friday, Obama sends Lurch out to pitch the case for US military action -- and now, and now all over CNN they have TIME Magazine people saying, "This is nothing like Iraq in 2003! No way! This is not like Iraq." You know why? Because there really are weapons of mass destruction here."

"I'm gonna make a little bit of prediction. Some of the pajama-clad leftists, if Obama actually does launch an attack -- if he does do this, by the way, it'll be what? A two-hour attack, just to save face? "I told 'em if they cross that red line, that they're gonna pay for it." So it'll be something to deal with that, to push 'em back across the red line."


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