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"There might be a way out of this for Bashar Assad, and that is join the Communist Party. The Democrats will not go after a communist. John Kerry tried to stop all aid to the Contras to prop up the communist government in Nicaragua. And it wasn't just John Kerry, it was all the Democrats. If Bashar Assad would somehow start quoting Marx and aligning himself with that way of thinking, it would give Obama and his bunch pause."

"The idea that we're the good guys is not something that these people believe, leftists, American leftists. They think we're the problem in the world. So they do not trust the United States as a lone superpower."

"This is Jimmy Carter's second term here. This is absolutely frightening what's happening here. Obama with this inadvertent, trying to make himself look like a tough guy, red line comment this past summer."

"The left thinks the world is a dangerous place if the US is a lone superpower."

"The bottom line is this administration is as incompetent as Jimmy Carter. If there were anybody else running this administration right now, this would be reported as incompetent and as buffoonish and as frightening at Jimmy Carter's."

"I think people look at this and they see Obama as a total screw up and out of his league and incompetent in this area, but the media will never say that. They're gonna cover for him no matter what."

"You have here, ostensibly, Bashar al-Assad nerve gassing his own people. Sarin gas. Lurch told us. John Kerry. He told us this Friday. Obama's got the red line drawn out there. They crossed the red line. Obama's manhood is on the line. Oh, my God, he's a gotta huff and puff! He's been huffing and puffing. All of a sudden, 'You know what? To hell with it! I'm gonna wait awhile. I'm gonna wait on Congress.'"

"Syrian rebels -- the same rebels that we're talking about today -- overran and controlled a government base, a Bashar Assad base, admittedly, that had chemical weapons last summer. And even Leon Panetta admitted that chemical weapons may have fallen into the hands of the opposition last summer. Now meanwhile, John Kerry and the regime and the media have used as their main argument the rebels have never had access to these chemical weapons."

"I would not reject the possibility here that Bashar Assad's being framed."

"The American foreign policy of Barack Obama or Lyndon Johnson is rooted in the belief that the United States is the problem and that another problem is us seeking to secure the free flow of oil at market prices. They don't like oil. They don't like oil companies. That's, to them, unjust and immoral."

"US vital national interests in the Middle East is the free flow of oil at market prices. Democrats listening to me right now, I'm telling you, are foaming at the mouth. They're throwing things at the radio. They're calling the radio station. They can't stand it. Free flow of oil at market prices, they hate that. That's exactly the wrong reason for us to be anywhere in the world 'cause they hate oil. Oil is global warming. Oil is profit. Oil is dirt. Oil is pollution. Oil is yuck. So they hate that. But it clearly makes total sense."

"You look at Kerry and Hillary and Biden and Chuck Hagel and Obama. These guys used to tout Bashar! They used to sing Bashar's praises, and it wasn't that long ago that they did. Bashar was a great reformer. Bashar was the future hope, a stabilizing influence in the Middle East."

"I really hope that somebody doesn't produce a video between now and whenever we do this and make them really mad in Syria. Can you imagine what Assad would do if some joker in America makes a video making fun of him? Uh. I don't even want to think about it."

"Republicans love Obama for ignoring Congress. They love Obama for just sticking it to the Republicans every time he does it."

"Apparently it's okay for Obama to go play Spades with Reggie Love while we're taking out bin Laden. Oh, yeah! Anything he needs to do to keep his mind sharp. It's a lot of stress being president. Obama can go play golf any time."


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