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Cruz Petition Breaks Million Signatures
RUSH: Did you see -- you may not have seen this.  Didn't take long.  Ted Cruz was here. They had something like 600,000 signatures after weeks on their website to defund Obamacare. So he shows up on this show, says they want to get to a million, and in a couple of days they did.  They surpassed it thanks to you guys out there.  So they've zoomed past a million signatures on the dontfundit.com website. 

PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Shrink Your Baby's Man Parts
RUSH: I had this story last week, and I didn't have a chance to get to it.  Maybe I can find it. It's story about... I gotta be very careful on this, very careful.  You'll know it, Snerdley.  You saw it.  It was in your Stack.  It's this thing about what happens to you if you eat chicken, if your mother eats chicken while she's pregnant.  Apparently... I gotta get this right.  If your mother eats chicken while you're pregnant... It has to do with penis size. 

I can't remember if it's smaller or larger if your mother eats chicken.  I'm looking for the story.  That one fascinated me, too.  Here it is.  It's a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals story.  "PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Affect Baby’s Penis Size," and it's a CBS story.  Did you know that? 

"Eating chicken parts -- or, more specifically, chicken wings -- could shrink your baby's man parts. At least that's what PETA is alleging in advance of the National Buffalo Wing Festival." They're upset that people are eating buffalo wings and football's coming up, and so they're trying to scare people. Well, you know, men whose mothers ate chicken wings, their manhood didn't fully develop after they were born! Did you know that? 

This is story PETA's putting out.  "According to a letter from PETA to Drew Cerza, the founder of the festival, 'The latest scientific evidence...'" Global warming, by the way, is the same research. "The latest scientific evidence shows that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller penises because of a chemical found in the birds’ flesh."  I know. I'm not going there.  I'm not. I don't even...

We're going to commercial break.  Sit tight.  Just hit it, the commercial, please.

Bill Whittle: Republicans are Pop Culture Villains
RUSH: I've got another story; I don't dare cite it.  Gosh.  Yeah, because there's no winning.  It's a popular journalist and blog, and what it is, if I were to do it, it's one of best lessons in what journalism is become.

It's about players whose lives have been ended because they played football.  It's about that lawsuit that settled and how unfair it is.  I would love to read it, but I don't dare 'cause there's no upside. I'm telling you, folks, you know how I am purposely misunderstood and then slimed and reported on.  But it's a great, great lesson.  It's a great lesson. (interruption) What? 

Journalists aren't really going after anybody in this story.  Let me just ask you a question.  If you ran into a guy -- anywhere, healthy or not -- who really, really wanted to provide for his family, would you think that's unique and worthy of extra effort for the guy?  I wouldn't, either.  I think that's what all men do.  It's what you're supposed to do.  You're supposed to go to work. You provide for your family. You elevate yourself. You do better. You want your kids do better than you did.

But I've gotta stop.

Look, you're gonna have to trust me on this. (interruption) No.  No, no.  It's not that he can't do it because he's playing. I should not have brought this up, because I'm not going to read it. Look, there's no win for me.  I'm just telling you... I don't know what I'm telling you.  I can't tell you.  It's very mean of me to be doing this. It's really frustrating, I know. I shouldn'ta brought it up.  Maybe in six months I'll tell you, or maybe I could rework this. 

It's about somebody working for a guy who said, "You know, when I found out he wants to provide for his family, that kept me awake at night.  That just told me how hard I have a gotta work."  I said, "What in the world is unique about it?"  But it's how people's emotions are tugged and pulled and ripped apart by journalism today. 

You know, Bill Whittle, who I met in California, is a really creative conservative blogger and Web speaker and so forth. He made a great point about pop culture. 

He said, "No matter where you look, you see why we are losing elections. In every story, every story told in America, we are the villains.  In music, books, television, we are the villains."


RUSH:  I tell you I'm gonna put this story in a time capsule, folks.  I'm gonna put it in one of my computer programs that I have.  I use Evernote and Pocket, I'm gonna keep it in both and I'm gonna have reminders pegged to dates.  I'm gonna time capsule this, and when enough time has gone by and this stuff is not so emotionally charged -- 'cause it's really unfair what I did, tease you with this and then not do it.  I really don't mean to do that so I'm gonna drag this out at some point, 'cause this is a classic example of how the left uses journalism to advance their causes without using facts. In fact, lying about things from the beginning to the end of this thing.

And the reason it's relevant, John Kerry goes on TV Friday and not one fact, nothing but this emotional stuff.  And it works.  And of course conservatism isn't emotional.  Conservatism is of the mind, and it is of the heart, but we don't play tricks on people's emotions to loop 'em in.  We don't deceive people or use deceit.  We use the power of the idea.  It's like Bill Whittle said -- and he was citing Family Guy as his example, but it could be any pop culture media. It could be a book, could be a TV show or a movie, and his point was that in every one of these things, particularly the popular ones, the villain is always a Republican or conservative or something associated with Republican or conservative, like a Big Business, oil company or whatever. 

And his point was until that changes -- this is what Andrew Breitbart was trying to do, change the pop culture -- until that changes, the idea of conservative dominance of the culture can't possibly happen.  And it works.  I mean, the silly idea that 24-year-old women are afraid of me is a classic illustration of villainry being used in pop culture media to great effect.  We all are, every one of us, we're portrayed as villains.  The bad guys are not the bad guys; we are, in all of these.  We're the bad guys or laughingstocks, you know, one of the two.  It does remain a focal point of necessary change.






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