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"John Kerry said today at a Washington hearing on Syria that Arab countries have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating Bashar Assad, if we will take the lead militarily. We're the help, folks! We're the temporary agency. Unbelievable."

"Obama says America and Congress' credibility is on the line. His isn't. He's not America. He's not Congress. He's Obama, with a brother who still lives in a hut in Kenya. He didn't draw the red line, his credibility isn't on the line; international community did this. He doesn't know even what he's talking about here. "

"You know, ladies and gentlemen, this Syria stuff, I just have to say this is getting embarrassing. This is not how a great power operates. This is just rank amateur time, everybody involved."

"Obama punts Putin, but he's going to go to Russia and meet with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people. It's unserious. Obama's a clown."

"The world understands that we've got somebody that's really wet behind the ears in terms of qualifications for all this stuff, just bumbling through this."

"The Republican/conservative right is just as confused about all this because they are scared to death to say or do anything critical of Obama. They're just paralyzed, and we all have a pretty good guess why that is, and it's race. They're just paralyzed."

"I still hold out this possibility that Obama hopes they don't give him the use of force authorization so that he can blame the atrocities on them -- which, by the way, Axelrod and the boys are already starting to intimate. "If Republicans don't join the president here, the blood, the skin warts and whatever else happens from chemical weapons will be on the Republicans' hands." Not whoever's using the weapons in Syria, but the Republicans will be responsible for this, because the Republicans are always the villains."

"If I were Bashar Assad and I were watching all this, I'd start thinking that maybe all of this is for show and that there never will be an attack."

"We've got to do whatever we're going to do in implementing defunding, delaying, or rubber stamping Obamacare."

"All the attention being paid to Obamacare has vanished, but the stories haven't. Michigan has premium increases of 112%! It's going through the roof wherever you look. It's just mind boggling. It's the theater of the absurd. "

"The UN can't do anything. The UN doesn't have authority. You may know this or not, but the investigative authority that's been granted to the UN does not grant them the authority to investigate whether or not these weapons have been used."

"Last August Obama drew the red line. He said if he saw movement of chemical weapons, movement or usage, that would constitute crossing the red line. He wouldn't put up with that. So chemical weapons have been used in Syria, and Obama today in Sweden said he didn't draw the red line. The international community drew the red line. The world drew the red line."

"If we didn't draw the red line, what the hell are we doing voting on the use of force?"

"If Miley Cyrus became a cheerleader for the Jets this year, how many tickets would she sell? The team isn't going to sell any. Just kidding. Just kidding."

"Here's McCain at the hearing yesterday caught playing poker on his iPhone, and Wolf Blitzer over at CNN had to be convinced that it was just a game.  He thought that McCain was actually online gambling, was trying to make a story out of it.  And I'm sitting there thinking maybe McCain will draw four queens and think that he's now in a Muslim marriage and move. (laughing)"

"You look at Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky or Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers or Bill Clinton and anybody. There was a time in this country if a president behaved that way, that would be the end of him, but he's the biggest star in the Democrat Party today. Bigger than Obama, bigger than Hillary, bigger than Anthony Weiner, Clinton is, and because of that."


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