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Morning Update: Hand-Up!

Organizers with the United Food & Commercial Workers Union claimed the anti-Walmart protests in 15 cities were the biggest since last year. The unions and their rent-a-mobs demanded that Walmart pay full-time employees at least $25,000 a year. They also demanded the company stop disciplinary action against some of the workers creating mischief.

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You Made Rush Revere Number One

RUSH: You all have no way of knowing what just your presence, just your being there has meant to me and my family over all of these years. People tell me how important the program's been to them, and it may be. I appreciate that. But it can't... It pales in comparison to what your presence here every day has meant to me. 

Republicans Paralyzed by Obama's Race

RUSH: Here's, I guess, the guiding theory that nobody will put their name to, but this is what's going around the inner circles of the Republican Party: "A black president cannot and will not be allowed to fail. Excuses will be made; second chances will be offered. It simply isn't going to happen." You can call it what I called it the other day: The soft bigotry of low expectations.


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