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"I still can't get over John Kerry bragging yesterday that some Middle Eastern countries have offered to pay for our attack on Syria. I mean, it's bad enough being the world's policeman, but who wants to be the world's rent-a-cop? What is so wonderful about that?"

"The only people benefit from everybody being depressed and down in the dumps and hopeless are the Democrat Party."

"This book is a way of teaching what is not being taught. I have been frustrated, as have you, over what kids are learning in school, at all schools, at all levels, but primarily in their really formative years."

"A Rush Baby is somebody who grew up with their parents having this radio program on every day and didn't get talked out of it when they got to school. They remained Rush Babies all the way through school."

"The left is in a tizzy. They can't believe, after all the success they think they've had with their multicultural curriculum, that I am gonna come along and reestablish what they had to get rid of, which they think are lies in the first place."

"I'm having people e-mail me, 'You wrote a book for kids and you didn't try to tell 'em what to eat? You're not hectoring them for being fat?' That's exactly right. There's nothing in this book about what they should eat or what they shouldn't eat, whether they're fat or not."

"This Rush Revere guy goes dressed up as Paul Revere everywhere he goes 'cause it's one of his heroes. It's fun, folks, because there are no limits on where Rush Revere and Liberty can go."

"Obama said recently that exceptional Americans are few and far between, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things doesn't happen all that much. He cited people that never, ever get to do anything extraordinary -- busboys, porters, waiters, maids -- and it's not true. It's the story of America: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

"Snerdley, has this program ever been delayed because of lightning? Has this program ever been delayed because of a weather forecast or a radar scan that showed a little rain?"

"People haven't given up on this country, and they don't want to give up on this country, and people want to be proud of this country. People revere this country, and they want reaffirming, validating messages about what they dream and hope and desire for the country to be."

"A way to shut down achievement, to shut down excellence."

"I find it funny, actually, how Obama and the Democrats believe in trickle-down economics when it comes to quantitative easing."

"What really is going on here is people want to believe in this country. I think it's the same thing that is responsible for this program succeeding when it started. A voice validating what people already believe. People are tired of what's being taught. They want to believe in the goodness of this country. They want to believe in the goodness and the greatness of the people of this country, and they want their kids to learn about that. So that's what we're trying to do here."

"We have the first African-American president and everything for African-Americans economically has worsened. And there still is that unbreakable bond, the Democrat Party, for the first African-American president. I can't tell you how depressing this is."

"People want leadership. They want clarity. They want inspiration. They want to be told that things are possible, not that they can't happen."


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