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Liberals:  Global Warming Caused Syrian Civil War... Polls Against Syria Action...  Bloomberg News Handwringing Over Syria and Obama's Domestic Agenda... So What? Hillary Speaks on Syria...  The Hill: Democrats Fear Wounding Obama... Two Monday Night Football Games Tonight...

Obama on Syria: Incoherent Incompetence -- or the Decline of America by Design?

RUSH:  Checked the e-mail again.  "Rush, you've been saying this for five years.  Why are you quoting these guys?"  I like being joined, folks.  I like being joined.  I like other people finally being able to come forth and say it, what we've been saying here for five years.  Podhoretz and Black are, well, a couple of mental giants, and it's great to be joined. 

Anti-War Relic Ed Asner Admits Race Shields Obama from Leftist Criticism

RUSH: I've got a story here in the Stack about Hollywood leftists, led by Ed Asner and Mike Farrell.  Now, they're a couple of relics, but they are the leaders of the anti-war movement in Hollywood, and they're still influencing young actors and actresses, and they are admitting they don't like this at all.  They don't like this Syria business. They don't like what's going on in Libya. They don't like Obama's foreign policy at all.


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