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Pearls of Wisdom

"I'm on a quest. I am on a quest for people on this radio show to understand who liberals are and what they do and how they think."

"We have an amazing free country here, founded by people that had an unwavering spirit and determination to triumph. They had hardships and they had obstacles that we try to bring to life, that people today don't have."

"You have people thinking that exceptional Americans are rare, ordinary people doing extraordinary things is rare. It's not. It's not rare. It's why this country is what it is."

"The United States is the one place on earth where dreams can happen, the one place on earth where dreams are promoted and can come true."

"Obama draws the red line against a great evil; then in the next breath says he's gonna postpone taking any action until Congress gets back despite people being nerve gassed. Then he goes out and plays golf and plans another trip, then comes back, and then says, "By the way, I'm not gonna do this unless Congress goes along with me," and then goes and plays golf."

"You people in this audience are amazing. So I casually mention mere moments ago that we had slipped to number two in pre-orders at Barnes & Noble, so checked during the break, and we're back up to number one. He-he-he-he. You guys, you all are great."

"Five years of incompetence? Five years of incoherence, five years of bungling, feckless, amateurish, in-over-his-head behavior? It's been five years of it, almost, a little over four and a half. Really? All this isn't being done on purpose? All of this is just happening accidentally?"

"This is America, a vast majority of this country still love this country, and that they care about what's being taught to young people."

"The idea that Kerry is in the position of strongman here is an indication to a lot of us that Obama is not serious about this."

"The Democrat Party is an anti-war party. They are being made to look like the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever, and they're having to swallow it."

"Obama's race has paralyzed all political opposition inside the Beltway, party political opposition, the Republican Party, you name it. "

"The power of Obama's existence was gonna turn these enemies into friends, remember? He had the messianic complex. They really believed it!"

"What do you think Obama's objective is here? A nation in decline. Knock us off that lofty perch of number one in the world. Laughingstock? That's exactly what the doctor ordered. It's Obama's second term."

"Kerry said, 'We're not going to war. We're not gonna send ground troops in. We can get Bashar to do the right thing with a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort.' Who telegraphs what they're gonna do when and how?"

"My book is a way of teaching what's not being taught."

"The Obama operation in Syria, Operation Shuck and Jive, because that's what this is. 'No, we don't do Shock and Awe. That's too big, that's too dangerous, that's too mean. We're not. No, no, no.'"


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