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Liberals:  Global Warming Caused Syrian Civil War
RUSH: From the Daily Caller: "Did Global Warming Cause the Syrian Civil War?"  This is the Daily Caller. They're chronicling here a bunch of leftists who are saying that the only reason there's civil war in Syria is because of drought, and drought has led to famine, and the rebels really just want food.

It wouldn't be happening at all and there would have been the use of chemical weapons if it weren't for global warming.  The only problem with that is that the Arctic Ice Sheet is at a record size for this time of year.  They told us the ice was melting in the Arctic Ice Sheet.  It's not.  There's a record amount of ice, in the modern era, for this time of year.  The North Pole, where Santa Claus is.  Well, Santa Claus Jr.  Santa Claus in Washington, but the Santa Claus Jr.'s at the North Pole.

Polls Against Syria Action
RUSH: CNN has a story on a public poll opposing the strike in Syria.

Bloomberg News Handwringing Over Syria and Obama's Domestic Agenda
RUSH: Bloomberg has a hand wringer of a story.  "Syria Vote May Derail Obama's Agenda in Congress."  What a crock.  The Syria operation, if anything, is a distraction from amnesty.  It's a distraction from Obamacare, which is also not going well.  But all this attention on Syria is distracting everybody's attention from the rest of Obama's agenda, which he can sneak by with nobody noticing 'cause they're all focused on this, except he can't get it by us here.

So What? Hillary Speaks on Syria
RUSH:  There's some big speech that Hillary's gonna be making on Syria in mere moments.  So what?  She's not in the regime anymore.  What's the big deal? Why do we care? "Mr. Limbaugh, she's going to be the next president of the United States.  It's very important that we understand what's on her mind." Exactly.  Hillary Clinton? Everybody waiting breathlessly for her words on Syria?  You know what you ought to do?

Go back.

The Hill: Democrats Fear Wounding Obama
RUSH: Now here in TheHill.com: "Fears of Wounding Obama Weigh Heavily on Democrats Ahead of Vote." This is the Syrian use-of-force authorization.  Ahead of vote.  Worry about wounding Obama.  The left in Hollywood is afraid. The anti-war left, afraid to come out and be critical because they're afraid to be seen as "anti-black."  That's what Ed Asner and Mike Farrell said.  So even leftists walk in perpetual fear of being thought of or called racists, and that's what got Republicans' hands tied in part.

Any criticism of Obama is said to be criticism of a black man, is said to be racist, and not even the left wants to go there.  "The prospect of wounding President Obama is weighing heavily on Democratic lawmakers as they decide their votes on Syria." I thought it was about the women and children of Syria. I thought it was about now rolling back the Iranian nuclear program.  It's still about Obama.  Everything's about Obama.  This is not healthy.  This is sick. 

Foreign policy's never been about the president.  It's never been about protecting a president.  A president's supposed to be smart enough to be able to do that themselves.  There's no support in the House for this (probably not the Senate, either), and all of these Democrats like these anti-war Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucasians have been told to shut up and not say anything.  "We can't afford to embarrass Obama!"  Why not?  "Because we can't give the Republicans a victory. We can't give the right a victory." 

This is just mind-boggling.

Two Monday Night Football Games Tonight
RUSH: Two Monday Nights Football games tonight.  Chip versus RGIII of the Washington REDSKINS.


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