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Morning Update: Secrets

People are now being asked to provide very private information during routine doctor visits. Imagine your cardiologist turning to you during the exam and asking: “Are you sexually active? If so, do you have one partner, multiple partners, or same-sex partners?”

Roger Goodell's Message to the Redskins' Owner: "If One Person Is Offended..."

RUSH: They can cram nearly 100,000 people in that stadium, and every time they have a game, it's full.  Who's offended?  I'm common sense.  This is mayor of Realville stuff here.  This is a manufactured controversy, manufactured by the left, and they want the government to come in or a powerful authority to come in and tell this individual owner what he can't or can do, unwittingly supporting the loss of liberty and freedom.

The American Left Needs You to Need Them

RUSH:  You know what I'm talking about here. Any normal, sensible person does.  American exceptionalism. America, the first country to enshrine in law that the individual has rights, liberties, and freedom that cannot be taken away, because we are born with them.  They are part of our creation.  They cannot be taken away even by the government.  It's written.  And that's what the Democrat Party objects to and doesn't like.


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