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When's Obama Going to New Jersey?
RUSH:  Man, the devastation at the Jersey boardwalk with that fire is just unbelievable.  That was an area that, I think, was spared any damage during Hurricane Sandy.  I wonder if President Obama will fly to New Jersey this afternoon or maybe Monday, and offer assistance to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  What do you think, Snerdley? (interruption) Hell, no?  You don't think Obama will go to New Jersey to offer Christie any assistance here for the fire? 

Well, you wait. If somebody makes the case that the fire is due to global warming or is causing global warming... (interruption) I don't know.  (interruption) You may be right.  That's very cold for you to say that.  I can't believe you said that, that Obama can't use Christie anymore. There's nothing more he can get out of Christie, so there's no way he's gonna go to Jersey.  (interruption) What do you mean, there's not an election and so there's no reason to go help Christie?  (interruption)

What do you mean, he doesn't respect Christie in the morning?  These are really cold things you're saying in there.  Man, oh, man.  Are you from New Jersey originally?  You lived there for a while.  (interruption) That's right.  That's right.  (interruption) Well, I did, too.  I thought there was real affection between Obama and Christie, you know, back there the week before the election when Hurricane Sandy went in there.  (interruption)

Well, yeah, it looked like it. I mean, they were hugging.  Well, not hugging, but, I mean, it was a little bromance, yeah. You know, Obama was quick to offer relief aid for New Jersey.  This is interesting how this happened.  I was just openly speculating here how soon it will be Obama goes back in there to help.  And, man, the lopping knives came out from Snerdley in there like you wouldn't believe.  (interruption)

Obama doesn't respect Christie in the morning? 


I wonder how many low-information people understand what you mean when you say that.

Trust in Government at All-Time Low
RUSH: From The Politico.  This is gonna stun you. "Less than half of Americans trust the government to handle problems, a[n] all-time low, according to a new poll.  Just 49% of Americans said they had a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the federal government to handle international problems, according to a Gallup poll released [today]. The previous low was 51% in 2007." Today it's 49%. "The public's trust is even lower when it comes to domestic issues.

"Just 42% of Americans answered with a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the government to handle issues at home, one point below the previous low from 2011," and when it's broken down by party, "Democrats have far more confidence in the government than Republicans: 78% of Dem[ocrat]s trust the government on international issues compared to just 35% of Republicans."  Is that enough to shift the election returns? 

You have 42% of Americans don't trust the government, and here's Obama reigning supreme with everybody in this country, it seems, investing in the government to control everything in their lives.  But they aren't.  If you look at poll after poll, the vast majority oppose Obamacare.  So it's confounding polling data.  By virtue of the polls that are out there today, there's no way this guy should be president.  He is elected for different reasons.  He was elected and reelected for reasons that have nothing to do with his governance, with his leadership.


Because no matter where you look, a majority of Americans oppose what's going on.  I would venture to say that the same majority is afraid to speak up about it individually.  They'll do so anonymously in a poll.  Why would that be, do you think?  How in the world could this happen?  The American people don't trust the government. Their trust is at all-time, record low on domestic or international issues. They don't like the primary, signature policy of this regime by a large majority.

They don't support any Obama administration policy, from simple to large majorities, and yet nobody knows that until they do a poll. 

Why would that be? 

How in the world could this happen, do you think? 

Can anybody figure this out for me?

Conservatism on the March from Australia to Norway to Colorado
RUSH: Conservatives have elected leaders in three countries in the last couple of weeks -- Australia, Norway, and someplace else. The guy in Australia, the conservative that was elected, ran and his number one agenda item was anti-global warming.  I think the Republican Party's totally missing the boat.  I think a conservative agenda is the route to massive victory, 2014, 2016.  Opposing what's happening now, stopping what's happening now. 


Norway is not a big example. Australia is a bigger example.  But it's a cycle, folks, and it happens.  People just get fed up with liberals. They just get fed up.  I don't know why they don't stay fed up, but they do get fed up now and then, and this is one of those times.  It's beginning be to happen.

White House Huddling with Union Thugs on Obamacare
RUSH: "White House Calling Union Leaders Ahead of Vote on Obamacare resolution -- White House officials have been calling union leaders about a resolution critical of Obamacare that is set to pass on Wednesday at the AFL-CIO convention." I mean, you've got any number of people lining up trying to stop this Obamacare thing from being fully implemented -- even, now, some of the union people who helped the thing become law, who helped write it. What did they think was gonna happen?  They were just blindly, ideologically supporting the cause.  They didn't even read the fine print.  But there are little pockets of evidence that these kinds of things can happen. 

Be Careful if You're Going to the Seahawks Game
RUSH:  If you are going to the Seahawks-Fort'iners game on Sunday, undercover cops are going to be wearing 49er gear and looking for Seattle fans that want to beat 49er fans.  Be careful.  A 49ers jersey could be being worn by an undercover cop. 


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