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Pearls of Wisdom

"Obama will talk to Assad. He'll talk to the Iranians. He'll talk to Putin. He'll negotiate with any of the bad guys in the world, but he will not talk and negotiate with anybody in the Republican Party like Ted Cruz."

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is raining here where we are. I mean, it is raining out there, and it's raining really hard. As a result, this program will be delayed until the rain ends and I feel safe coming in here to once again execute broadcast excellence. No, I melt if I get wet. I'm not gonna do the program if it's raining. I'm just not gonna do it."

"The Democrat Party is comprised of people who have amassed power under the false premise that they care about the little guy, that they care about the downtrodden and that they're gonna do everything they can to make sure that the little guy doesn't get stomped on and they're gonna do everything they can to make sure that the little guy is elevated and raised and does okay. Well, that has never really been the case with the Democrat Party."

"The Republican Party has always stood for everybody doing better. We want everybody to do well. We don't like this income gap business. We want everybody to do great. That's what equals a great country. We want everybody to have a good car and a nice house. We want everybody to do well. We're not selfish. We're not hoarders. We believe in an economy that can grow and expand and accommodate anybody who wants to work hard and put themselves out there and engage a little ambition."

"Unemployment? If the same number of jobs existed today as when Obama took office five years ago, the unemployment rate would be near 11%. There is no economic recovery."

"People are losing their jobs today because of Obamacare! The high-risk pools, that's the preexisting-condition insurance. They're called high-risk pools that people sign up for. Nobody signed up for 'em!"

"Barack Obama is seeing to it that the rich are the ones getting rich."

"I have tried over the years to remind people that the Republican Party has its own problems with conservatism, not just the Democrats, and it's because conservatism is opposed to a major, big, dominant Washington establishment."

"The American people don't want Obama! The American people, on issue by issue by issue, say no. Obama policy after Obama policy after Obama policy, are opposed by a majority of Americans."

"Obama is essentially claiming here that what Ted Cruz and others like him want to do is sabotages the economy. Obama's done a fine enough job of tanking the economy on his own."

"The Democrat Party gave us chaos and has sought to seek as much chaos as possible! In fact, Obama's policies require chaos in order for his policies to be passed into law, become reality."

"When did this happen? When did it happen that the Republican establishment decided that their primary objective is to throw in with the Democrats, throw in with Obama? When did that happen?"

"The economic circumstance in this country is so bad, the future is so dismal, that even among the ruling class in Washington, what appears to be the case now is that everybody there is simply grabbing everything they can for themselves and trying to hold on because that's about all they can hope to do."

"The ruling class in Washington have taken care of themselves by essentially exempting themselves from the rules and regulations of Obamacare."

"You know, women and children get to get off the boat first? That's not true. The ruling class gets off the boat first, and they don't care who's left on it, and they don't really care if it sinks. All they want to make sure of is they're nowhere around when it happens."


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