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NFL Game Delayed by Rain Again
RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, it is raining here where we are.  I mean, it is raining out there, and it's raining really hard.  As a result, this program will be delayed until the rain ends and I feel safe coming in here to once again execute broadcast excellence.  No, I melt if I get wet.  I'm not gonna do the program if it's raining.  I'm just not gonna do it. 

I'm gonna make everybody understand how sensitive and concerned and caring I am about things.  Anyway, just teasing, my friends.  This was the second week in a row a National Football League game has been delayed by rain and lightning.  Now, I understand the lightning. They get the players off the field, but the fans are still out there exposed.  I mean, they can't get all those fans under cover.

DC Shooting: Has Anyone Blamed the Tea Party Yet?
RUSH:  Twelve people are dead in the Washington Navy Yard shooting.  The Senate has recessed.  They say it's not terrorism.  I don't know.  If you shut down a city, what is it? 

Poll: Only 12% Think Obamacare Will Help Them
RUSH: "A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reveals Americans are unconvinced that Obamacare will improve the country's health care system," and check this number:

"Only 12% say the law will have a positive effect on their family and even the uninsured are skeptical Obamacare will do them any good. ... Even worse, only 23% of all respondents say the law will benefit the healthcare system and paltry 12% believe the law will have a positive impact on their family."  So while Obama's up there celebrating his great economic recovery policies, in the real world, only 12% of the people of this country think Obamacare's gonna do them any good. 


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