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Pearls of Wisdom

"The Republican Party leadership in Washington wants to just lie down and go along with whatever Obama wants. They're not providing much opposition. I mean, some of them are, but a vast majority isn't."

"Online postings are going to be like tattoos when these people grow up. They're gonna wish they didn't have them."

"Whenever Obama speaks publicly he makes it sound like the vast majority of the American people want Obamacare. He's living in an alternate universe."

"Obama wants to take and the Democrats want to take your guns from you, but we're going to waive federal law and we're going to arm Syrian rebels, who may be Al-Qaeda, who may be hard-line jihadists. This is how we're gonna get even with Putin, because Putin embarrassed our brave young, courageous president."

"Everything Obama wants is a losing proposition, when expressed in terms of public support. The sad thing is that public opposition to Obama's policies is not resulting in Obama's policies being thwarted."

"There are some people who are really, really concerned about what is happening to this country, what's happening to the economy, by virtue of policies that have been put into place. But there's been a fear and a reluctance to speak out for the obvious reason that I don't even need to detail here."

"I don't think anybody with common sense looking at what is happening to this country can in any way sign on to it."

"Obama's number one objective, modus operandi, is to eliminate all opposition. Anyone who opposes him is number one enemy, doesn't matter. In fact, domestic opponents are his number one enemies."

"'It also surprisingly reveals: IPCC scientists accept their forecast computers may have exaggerated the effect of increased carbon emissions on world temperatures -- and not taken enough notice of natural variability.' Natural variability! They didn't account for nature!"

"The left is beside themselves that there aren't any hurricanes 'cause that's what they promised. You know, after Katrina, global warming was supposed to increase every hurricane, you know, by a week. Each one would be deadlier than the one before it, and there haven't been any."

"You can't measure cloud cover worldwide. They dissipate and form so quickly, and in all of weather forecasting, predicting cloud cover -- what percentage of the skies be covered by clouds, other than when you have a storm system moving through -- is such a variable, nobody can get a handle on it. It's as much as we can do to understand how they're formed, and how much it's gonna happen. We're clueless."

"Your average, ordinary everyday local news weather guy has become one of the biggest proponents -- whatever market you go to -- of global warming."

"I have never believed the manmade global warming allegation, but I fully understand however the people who do. All it takes is a 105-degree day in July, and the normal reaction is, "Man, it's getting hotter! I wonder if we're getting hotter?" When I was a kid, everybody wondered, "Are we on getting closer to the sun?" This is a natural thing. This is really where the left is really smart. They have the ability to tap into what people of their own volition are already concerned about, and then they give 'em a reason, and they give 'em substantiation for it. "

"I don't care what poll you look at, support for Obamacare never has been majority, and it continues to dwindle. It is an issue that the American people have never liked."

"Nine out of 10 teenagers are gonna be profoundly embarrassed later on in life when they find out what they put on social media."


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