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Warren Buffett Suggested Scrapping Obamacare in 2010, But Nobody Knew Until Today
RUSH:  Well, now, this, ladies and gentlemen, at the same time it's interesting, it's a little (to me, anyway) deflating.  Because the Weekly Standard has added an addendum to their "Warren Buffett Says We Should Scrap Obamacare" story.  This is the update they've added at the end of the story at the Standard today.  "It appears," it says, "that Buffett made his anti-Obamacare comments in 2010, thereby showing that he, like most of the American people, has opposed Obamacare since even before it was passed." 

So Buffett's statement was erroneously thought to have been made in the past couple days.  It wasn't.  It was made in 2010.  So that means it has much less impact.  He said it 2010 and nobody listened to it and nobody built on it, and nothing really happened.  It's been reported again, but he said it three years ago.  I guess, in and of itself, it's an indication Buffett knew.  He said it before it was passed.  He's not an idiot.  He knew what this bill was.  He knew where it was headed. 

But the fact that he said it in 2010 and nobody knew about it 'til yesterday is a story unto itself. 

Polls Show Country Firmly Against Obamacare
RUSH: This is Washington Examiner:  "In a huge boost for conservatives trying to trim or kill Obamacare, a new Rasmussen Reports just out finds that 51 percent of voters back shutting down the government until major cuts are made in Obamacare." Now, this is new, and I know it's Rasmussen.  But it really isn't 'cause they kicked Rasmussen out. Did you know that?  Rasmussen's gone.  Rasmussen's not at Rasmussen anymore.  Rasmussen's gone.  So whoever's running this is not Rasmussen.  Fifty-one percent favor a government shutdown. 

The actual verbiage from the poll: "Fifty-one percent of voters favor having a shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on what spending for the health care law to cut. Forty percent would rather avoid a government shutdown by authorizing spending for the health care law at existing levels."

Now, there are a lot of polls out there, as you well know, that show the Republicans would get creamed if the government got shut down.  But the Rasmussen poll finds that if the main reason for the shutdown is because the Democrats and the president fail to give an inch on this, that the Republicans would win public support.  Now, we also have to consider that this is a setup poll.  Remember, the Republicans are paranoid of a government shutdown and being blamed for it because of 1995.  They don't want any part of another one.  This is really what is guiding the leadership in opposing the Ted Cruz, Mike Lee effort to defund it, and all the other efforts that are out there to deal with it. 

They're just afraid they're gonna take the hit; the press is gonna cream 'em; the public's gonna end up thinking the Republicans are responsible for every problem; the Democrats can't wait to pounce on it.  Of course, you go back to 1995 and in the media it was a disaster for the Republicans.  In the real world it wasn't.  They won Senate seats in the year following, in the election following the shutdown.  They gained two seats and they lost nine in the House.  It was not a disaster.  And from a policy standpoint, what they stood for in that shutdown actually led to Clinton signing welfare reform as something he needed to do to get reelected in 1996.  So there's that. 

Then there's this.  This is from Fox News.  And I really can't recall -- I'm sure there are examples -- I can't recall an issue that has had more uniformed and unwavering polling results than Obamacare.  And here's another one.  Sixty-eight percent are concerned about their own health care under Obamacare.  "Nearly 7 out of 10 voters are concerned about their personal health care under the Affordable Care Act and a majority wants to take the health care system back to 2009, according to the latest Fox News national poll. 
The poll, released Tuesday, finds that 68 percent of voters are concerned about their health care under the new system.  That includes 43 percent 'very' concerned and another 25 percent 'somewhat' concerned." Even a majority of Democrats feel personally concerned, 56%. 

So these results have been what they are for five years. Ever since this thing was ultimately finally explained to a majority of Americans, they want no part of it.  Just like they want no part of amnesty.  And just like they wanted no part of bombing Syria.  And the Congress listened to the people in those things.  You note that?  In 2007, no amnesty, okay, okay, now they regrouped, come back for another day, which is now.  But the idea that we can't stop health care is a myth.  It can be stopped.  The evidence is clear.  It can be stopped.  It can be defunded.  The people have the power to cause these kinds of results and it's proven on a couple of other big issues.  Bombing Syria is the latest one, and amnesty in 2007.  There are other examples.

But for five years this is what the polling data has shown.  Now, what was it yesterday, 12% now, that's it, 12% support Obamacare.  So we'll wait and see if anything happens with Warren Buffett suggesting to scrap it.  That is not insignificant and it may generate a phone call from Obama.  "Hey, Warren, what are you doing to me, bro?  Huh?"  And, you know, Buffett may change his mind later, say he was misunderstood, dump on the Weekly Standard, say was misquoted or misreported.  It's gonna be hard to do 'cause it's pretty precise, but anything can happen. 

Obama Waives Law That Prohibits Arming Terrorists
RUSH: Get this, from the Washington Examiner.  President Obama has once again waived a federal law, but Obamacare can't be defunded.  See, Obama has just waived a federal law.  In this instance -- get this -- Obama has waived the ban on supplying arms to terror groups in order to help the Syrian rebels, half of whom are known to be hard-line jihadists, may even be Al-Qaeda.  Let me repeat that in case that kind of went by and you're not sure what you heard. "President Barack Obama!  Mmm!  Mmm!  Mmm!" -- let me just do it straight without anybody thinking I'm mocking. 

"President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the US to provide military assistance to 'vetted' opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad."  John Kerry said we're gonna vet these rebels, and we're gonna find out which ones are good rebels as opposed to the bad rebels.  And the bad rebels, we're not gonna give any guns to, but the good rebels, we're gonna give 'em guns.  Just the moderate rebels, we're gonna give them guns. 

But, now, wait, there's a federal law that says you can't do this.  But that doesn't matter 'cause Obama's waiving it.  (imitating Obama) "That's right.  I'm president.  And I can do it.  Who's gonna stop me?"  And that's the bottom line.  Who's gonna stop him?  Mitch McConnell, Boehner, Eric Cantor, McCain?  Who's gonna stop him?  So he says to hell with American law, to hell with federal law, we are going to arm Syrian rebels, in violation of federal law, under the guise that there are moderate rebels.  There are good rebels.  But not the bad rebels. We're not gonna give the bad rebels any guns. 

I know you're asking, "Well, how are we gonna make sure that the bad rebels don't take the guns from the good rebels?"  We can't be sure of that.  All we can do is vet the rebels and find the moderate ones.  There aren't any moderates, rebels or otherwise, in Syria. Not in this fight, there are no moderates.  Ah, this just gets so tiresome.  But that's what we're gonna do.  Who is gonna vet these people?  The same people who vetted Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter?  The same people that vetted the Tsarnaev family in Boston? The same people that vetted Edward Snowden?  The same people that vetted Aaron Alexis, the shooter in the Washington Navy yard?  The same people who vetted the Libyan rebels who later killed four Americans in Benghazi? 

Who's doing the vetting?  John Kerry?  Kerry knows good rebels from bad rebels?  He knows the moderates?  Meanwhile, Obama wants to take guns out of your hands. Obama wants to blame the law-abiding in this country for the acts of the mentally unstable who are allowed to kill people with impunity because no weapons are permitted on military bases.  And that's a Clinton-era law, by the way.  So thanks to Bill Clinton, military bases are unarmed, if you can believe that, leaving the mentally unstable to go out and get some weapons and open fire with impunity.  And what shuts 'em down?  Other people showing up with guns. 

The same thing at Sandy Hook Elementary. The same thing with everything.  They pick places where there are no guns.  They're at least mentally stable enough to figure that out.  And so Obama wants to take and the Democrats want to take your guns from you, but we're going to waive federal law and we're going to arm Syrian rebels, who may be Al-Qaeda, who may be hard-line jihadists.  This is how we're gonna get even with Putin, because Putin embarrassed our brave young, courageous president. We're gonna get even with him.  Putin's on Assad's side.  We want to get rid of Assad, so we'll give the rebels guns.  The good rebels, not the bad rebels.  The bad rebels we're not gonna give anything to.  'Cause Obama doesn't deal with bad people. 

Obamacare Will Question Your Sex Life
RUSH: "Obamacare Will Question Your Sex Life," ladies and gentlemen.

"'Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?'  Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or the cardiologist and no matter if the questions are unrelated to why you’re seeking medical help."

And you can thank Obamacare. 

New York cardiologist, Dr. Adam Budzikowski, which is great name for a cardiologist, said, 'This is nasty business.'  He called the sex questions 'insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.' He couldn’t think of an occasion when a cardiologist would need such information," but he knows that he's going to be required to ask for it.  "The president’s 'reforms' aim to turn doctors into government agents, pressuring them financially to ask questions they consider inappropriate and unnecessary, and to violate their Hippocratic Oath to keep patients’ records confidential."

"Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?"

The doctor's asking you this stuff, and you're thinking, "Okay, what's the wrong answer here, based on who wants to know?"  What if you think it's gonna help if you say that you have same-sex partners when you don't?  What if you think it might facilitate your medical care if you answer in the right way based on who you think wants to know?  I thought it was the Democrats who wanted to keep everybody out of the bedroom.  People like Obama and the Democrats say, "Get out of our bedroom."  Every day we learn more and more.  I don't know why there isn't greater impetus on the part of the Republicans, just go ahead and defund this.  At least make the effort. 

Electric Car Charging Station Company Goes Out of Business
RUSH: Sad news out of Phoenix, folks.

Very, very sad news out of Phoenix. 

"ECOtality, the electric car-charging company that operates more than 600 charging stations in Arizona, may be about to close its door.  Last month, the company disclosed a myriad of problems with the SEC. In that filing, ECOtality released the following statement: 'Although the company is currently exploring options for a restructuring or sale of the entire business and/or assets of the company, the company may need to file a petition commencing a case under the United States Bankruptcy Code as part of any such process or otherwise in the very near future.' 

"ECOtality was heavily involved in the federal government's EV Project," Electric Vehicle project, "sponsored by the Department of Energy. The goal of that program was to install charging stations and electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the United States. ... In the filing, the ECOtality says the DOE stopped making payments to the company. It also claims that its charging stations are not making a profit." Well, why wouldn't their charging stations not be making a profit? 

Maybe 'cause there aren't enough electric cars being sold to drive in to the electric charging stations, and if you're no longer getting your Obama subsidy -- because you have long since served your usefulness to Obama in getting elected -- then it's, "Sayonara, ECOtality!"  So what the government can giveth, the government can taketh away.

"Devil's Night" by Zev Chafets is Back
RUSH:  By the way, folks, speaking of books, six weeks ago when Detroit and its bankruptcy and all the itinerant things were in the news, I read to you from a portion of a book that told the truth about what happened to Detroit according to the author Zev Chafets. It's Devil's Night and Other True Tales of Detroit.  The book is from the 1990s some time.

It was out of print, but I had a copy of it, and I read a brief summary. Because you had expressed so much interest, the publisher reissued it in paperback and e-book, and it's out now: Devil's Night and Other True Tales of Detroit.  If you tried to get it and it wasn't available, it is now.  I just wanted to mention that.  It's by Zev Chafets who did the biography of me, called An Army of One


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