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Pearls of Wisdom

"Speaking of coincidences, as you know, there are no coincidences."

"This is what they tell themselves, because in their hearts they know, despite what they say, I'm not stupid. You know, publicly they say, 'This Limbaugh, he's an embarrassment. He's stupid. He's silly.' Secretly, they know I'm a genius, so they're trying to figure it out."

"Do you know what the primary infrastructure of the United States actually is, ladies and gentlemen? It's freedom -- freedom and liberty -- and that infrastructure certainly does need some rebuilding."

"We have a record number of Americans on food stamps. We have people in poverty in greater numbers and at a higher percentage than ever. Yet the media wants to maintain this fiction that there's some kind of great economic recovery going on with soaring profits and jobs being created."

"This is journalistic malpractice. The unemployment rate is what, 7.3, 7.4%? If it were based on the same number of jobs that were available to be held, to be filled, in 2009 -- if those jobs existed -- the unemployment rate today would be 10.8%, almost 11%. The unemployment rate sinking is a mirage."

"Now the media tell us Obama doesn't know what he's doing! He doesn't know what he's doing, and now he is confronted by his own inability to know what he's doing."

"Fewer and fewer people have an opportunity to work for it, and because of Obama's policies. The place in this country where people go to make their mark is what we call the private sector, but that's getting smaller, because Obama's co-opting more and more of it for the federal government."

"The pie that everybody wants a piece of is shrinking, precisely because of Obama economic policies."

"The vast majority of economic policy and result in this country has been by Democrat Party policy and politics, liberalism. Yet all the people who are supposed to benefit from voting Democrat are doing miserably. All the people the Democrats are looking out for are doing miserably."

"Global warming is nothing but a political issue, an opportunity for the left to advance its agenda bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom, all of that, more control over your life because you're responsible for it."

"It's Rush Limbaugh that is preventing the Republicans from signing off on the infrastructure -- and then she insults me by saying I'm worth a hundred million dollars!"

"In Jaden Smith's world, school is an obstacle to doing what you want to do. In my case, it was. I'll be honest."

"You need a fundamental foundation even if what you're taught is BS."

"You know a great actor, because you don't know they're acting. You're watching who you think they really are. They have the ability to totally become somebody else. That creates the psychological problems that explains them being liberals."

"You know, people are huddled around the phone there, and they're always having the biggest time. You know what they did. "Let's call Rush and let's see what we can make him believe." They're out there just having the grandest time."

"What does the dollar tanking mean? It means inflation. It means your three-dollar-a-gallon or higher gasoline is gonna stay there, as one practical result of this. They ought to call this QE infinite, not QE4."


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