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"Ladies, I need to ask you a question, has it been worth it to get your free birth control and abortions while you're waiting tables? The alternative is -- I mean, if you had economic freedom, if you had a roaring economy, you could buy your own stuff, and a lot of other stuff, too."

"We just had that story in the Drive-By Media yesterday about how wonderful the economy's doing. Well, here comes the chairman of the Federal Reserve saying, "Oh, no it's not, and if we don't continue to pump $1 trillion a year into it, it's gonna plunge." So this economy is being artificially propped up."

"Obamacare's a job killer. Obamacare is a budget buster. Obamacare is gonna drive doctors into early retirement. The unions don't like it. It's gonna lead to socialized medicine. It needs to be repealed."

"If yours is invested in the market, your 401(k) is gonna go up a little bit because of this, and mortgage rates are gonna come down because interest rates drop. But, on the other hand, your wages aren't going up and the cost of living is going up. The gasoline prices with this are never gonna come down because of the inflationary effect of it. So I don't know. It's all part of this "nothing seems real anymore." There doesn't seem to be any foundation, solid foundation supporting anything."

"After five years of Obama, the rich are getting richer and that gap between the top 1% and everybody else is wider than ever -- and it only stands to reason. If we're pumping $1 trillion a year into the place where the rich fiddle around with their money, what do you think's gonna happen?"

"Since Obama took office, through 2012, 60% of the increase in employment for women was in jobs that pay less than $10 an hour."

"For all of the people that vote Democrat 'cause they think they're for the little guy, for all the people that vote for Democrats 'cause they think they're gonna stick it to the rich, for all of these people that vote for Democrats because they really care about the downtrodden, it's just the exact opposite. Who is it that always does the worst during Democrat regimes?"

"Two million married women dropped out of the workforce since 2008. That, again, is the Obama economy."

"We have learned here, feminism, under Obama and the Democrat Party, has come to reach its pinnacle. Women waiting on men in restaurants for $10 an hour or less, before tips. Feminism. And it's the pinnacle the Democrat Party. Isn't it a great day?"

"Tom DeLay did not worry about compromise or making the Democrats feel good or not hurting their feelings or working with them or any of that. He was hated. Tom DeLay was despised because he was good."

"Democrats don't resign. Democrats don't resign for any reason, other than death, illness, defeat, whatever."

"Tom DeLay ended up being a criminal because he was able to beat the Democrats in the House on vote after vote after vote."

"The days of our founding are the library of our freedom --and that's never an insignificant thing, freedom, and there's no harm that can come to anybody knowing the truth of this country."

"We're doing Open Line Friday on Thursday today because I'm off tomorrow. Mark Steyn will be in here tomorrow. Thanks in advance. Steyn's great -- great to have him here as always."

"I guess now we know why Hillary likes pantsuits, if nothing else."


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