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Obama Took Advice on Syria from New York Times
RUSH: There's a Breitbart story today that Obama's Syria policy, we were told that Obama was walking along with his chief of staff on the White House grounds, 45-minute walk, and it was during that walk that Obama decided that he was gonna pull out of this operation and say that he needed congressional authority to use force. 

Breitbart is reporting a New York Times reporter that actually Obama had a meeting with New York Times columnists and editorial writers to discuss Syrian policy.  The Breitbart story implies that the Obama decision to not launch the attack on Syria was the result of strategy sessions with reporters and op-ed opinion writers at the New York Times.  Not with John Kerry or Hillary Clinton or any of the others in his regime.  He had an off-the-record meeting, David Brooks, Gail Collins, the editorial writers, and it was they who advised Obama on his Syria policy, which is a laughingstock.  It's humiliating to me to hear about this, and I'm sure to you, too. 

Daily Kos: Limbaugh Comes Out Against Drinking Water
RUSH:  I just got an e-mail from Seton Motley who says that there's a post at the Daily Kos, and the post at the Daily Kos says, "Limbaugh Comes Out Against Drinking Water!"  (laughing)  That's all because I oppose Michelle Obama trying to force everybody to live the way she thinks everybody ought to live. She's got this stupid water initiative, anti-soda pop initiative and all this kind of thing.  "Limbaugh Comes Out Against Drinking Water!" (laughing)  Wait 'til they hear the waitress quote from the first hour.  That water quote is gonna be deep-sixed and it won't even matter.

NFL Weekend Coming with Concussions, Ambulances
RUSH:  Thanks so much for being with us today and have a great weekend, another NFL weekend coming up with concussions and ACL injuries, nurses, doctors, ambulances, and some teams will win. 


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