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Guest Host Mark Steyn

House Votes to Defund Obamacare

"According to the founders of this country, the free-speech zone in America was supposed to be America. That was the free-speech zone. So the free-speech zone ought to stretch from Maine to Hawaii, from Florida to Alaska -- and, what the hell, let's throw in Guam, as well. That's supposed to be the free-speech zone." -Steyn

"Able-bodied adults without children receiving food stamps from the federal government. Obama was serious when he said he was going to transform this country. This is basically a new kind of feudalism in which you're permanently at the teat of the national government." - Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Ted Cruz Did Exactly What He Promised to Do -- and the House Leadership Listened

"Obamacare's a job killer.  Obamacare is a budget buster.  Obamacare is gonna drive doctors into early retirement.  The unions don't like it.  It's gonna lead to socialized medicine.  It needs to be repealed." -Rush

Meee-wow! iPhone for Cats

"You know what this means? It means the next WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, security breach will be from the janitor's cat at the NSA. 'Oh, look at that cute little kitten. He's playing with the digital recognition software.' Yeah, Pussy Galore, he'll be leaking everything." -Steyn

Obamacare = Medical Tourism 

"What's the point of the First Amendment in our Constitution saying political speech is sacred -- and you can say what you like -- if you're not even allowed to hand out the Constitution?" -Steyn

"Take the most left-wing European social democracy. The Scandinavians don't do health care like this. The Canadians don't do health care like this. New Zealand doesn't do health care like this. The most left-wing governments in continental Europe don't do health care like this. But somehow questioning Obama is enough for people to wish death on your children." - Steyn


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"This is your undocumented anchorman sitting in, Mark Steyn, living in the shadows and loving it. No long-form paperwork whatsoever. No, sir! I'm from the foreign exchange student wing of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. It's a great program. Guys like me get to study here, and, in return, John McCain gets to be a columnist for Pravda. It's a win-win!" -Steyn 


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