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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Defunding Obamacare

"There's actually going to be more people uninsured as a result of health care reform." -Steyn

"All the power is in the hands of a parliamentary leader, a House leader, the Senate majority leader, a guy who holds the position of leader of one half of the legislature. In most functioning societies he would be tied in by rules that were established decades, if not centuries, before he ever held the job. But Harry Reid, under the perversion of parliamentary procedure, gets to make it up as he goes along." - Steyn

Toilet Wipes Backfiring, Literally

"The whole country is seizing up from moist towelettes and naturally what is the government's response to the problem? A big government program." - Steyn

"President Rouhani won't need to use his 'Death to America' missiles because every sewer system is coming to a halt and we're just going to be drowning in these pre-moistened towelettes." - Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Chickified NFLers Sell One Wipe Charlies

Iran's New "Moderate" Leader

"For the first time in 35 years an Iranian leader could meet face-to-face with an American president and shake his hand." - Steyn

"In the Middle East nothing quite paints you as a moderate more than going around with missiles that say 'Death to America.' That's a message we can all unite around when Iranian President Rouhani, Mr. Moderate, is in New York for dictator's week." - Steyn

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