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Guest Host Mark Belling

The Rouhani/Obama Handshake

"As sure as I'm sitting here, there's going to be a deal. They're going to reach an agreement. There's going to be an accord. Everyone is going to celebrate and Obama is probably going to get another Nobel Peace Prize. They may even give one to Hassan Rouhani.  And that deal isn't going to be worth the piece of paper it's written on." - Belling

"The whole thing with Iran is going to be a farce. It will be worthless. Everything that we get will be a concession about something that will happen in the future. Everything that they get will be something that's in the present. This is one giant con, and, boy oh, boy, hasn't our country produced just the sucker to cut the deal in which we're going to get, not the short end of the stick, but no stick at all." - Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: Assad Wants a Billion to Get Rid of Weapons

"We are good people. We don't want war. We don't want nuclear proliferation. We don't want some rogue nation to threaten to wipe out the Israelis. We are decent, reasonable people. The mistake we make is we assume everybody else in the world is decent and reasonable. They're not. Awful people exist and they run better than half the countries of the world. That's just reality." - Belling

Obamacare Exemption Hypocrisy

"There's a lie being told. It's being told by just about every Democrat in the Senate. Some Republicans are biting on this lie, too. They're claiming they don't have an exemption from Obamacare. They do!" - Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: The Opposition in Washington is Under Intensifying Pressure from the Ruling Class

"The people in Washington are fine.  There is no recession. There is no unemployment. They have their exemption from Obamacare. There's no problem.  They don't see what's wrong.  They're fine.  It used to not be this way." - Rush

The Income Gap 

"You want to know who's responsible for the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the middle class losing ground? Barack Obama! The guy who says it's a problem is the guy who has pursued economic policies that have pretty much allowed those who have wealth to prosper under his administration while making miserable conditions for people who are trying to get ahead." - Belling

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"Those of us on the right are constantly told that we're the oddballs, that we have these views that nobody else holds. The tremendous value of Rush's program, and all of the conservative talk show hosts that came after Rush, is that people know that they're not alone. The views they hold are not extreme; they are mainstream. The fact that you don't hear them as much from the media doesn't mean these views aren't valid." - Belling


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