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SAT Scores Continue Decline; 57% Not Ready for College
RUSH:  Okay, Yahoo News.  Yahoo News.  "The annual SAT scores have been released to the public and show a continued decline in math and writing scores. Even worse, as CBS’s Money Watch reports, more than half of incoming college freshmen are not ready for the academic challenges of college." Oh, no! Now they tell us.  It says here, "'We must dramatically increase the number of students in K-12 who are prepared for college and careers,' College Board President David Coleman said in a statement.

"'Only by transforming the daily work that students do can we achieve excellence and equity.'" What? What? Equity?  The president of the College Board said that. "Only by transforming the daily work that students do can we achieve excellence and equity"? (sic) Uh... Did he mean EQUALITY?  And if he did, well... Okay, anyway.  "In the data released by the College Board, a full 57% of graduating seniors aren't ready to transition to college coursework, based on SAT results."

So how are they graduating? 

So what are we gonna do about this? 

How are we going to fix this?

This is kind of like Detroit, in a way.  I have a solution.  I know how to fix this.  Here, let me just look at the problem. The College Board says that 57% of incoming freshmen are not ready for college and "Only by transforming the daily work that students do can we achieve excellence and equity." Okay.  Here's what we need to do.  I have learned. I have paid attention. What we need to do is raise the salaries of high school teachers. 

That's right.  We need to pour more money into the system.  That's the problem.  We're not spending enough money.  Teachers need to make more money. The school administrators need to make more money.  This is a shame.  Fifty-seven percent of graduates aren't ready for college? It's obviously a problem of money. 

We're not paying people enough -- and let's rewrite some of the textbooks. How about that?  Let's change the tests.  Let's make it easier.  Let's let the students cheat on the tests, too -- and let's give local school boards even more money to build luxury buildings for these young skulls full of mush.  Look, the only answer here is more money.  How does that sound, folks?  That's the only answer. 

AP: Colleges Should Seek Diversity
RUSH: In regards to education, this story from the AP. "Administration: Colleges Should Seek Diversity." The regime told colleges and universities Friday they can continue to use admissions to increase diversity among their students, even in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that could potentially open the door to more challenges. Racially diverse educational environments help to prepare students to succeed in our increasingly diverse nation," the [regime] said in a letter to schools."

I don't know why I didn't think of that!  Diversity!  That's why 57% of students graduating high school are not ready for college.  They're not hanging around enough minorities.  That's so simple.  So if we just flood the zone with more minorities and more diversity and more money, problem solved.  Oh, and "equity."  Yeah, we have to get "equity." 

Obama, Reid Won't Negotiate
RUSH: Look at these headlines.  "Obama: No Negotiation." I am not negotiating with Boehner. I'm not negotiating in anybody.  Dingy Harry from The Hill: I'm not talking to Boehner.  I'm not gonna negotiate with anybody.  "White House Delays Obamacare Enrollment for Small Businesses Because of Jobs," but Obama says there's no evidence that it's hurting jobs.  What an absolute mess. 

Obama: No Evidence Obamacare Hurts Economy
RUSH: "Obama Claims 'No Widespread Evidence' Health Law Hurts Jobs, Amid Cutbacks -- President Obama, in a heavily partisan speech defending [Obamacare], claimed Thursday 'there's no widespread evidence' [Obamacare] is hurting jobs -- despite widespread reports that businesses are cutting back worker hours in order to avoid extra costs tied to the law. ... 'Most of the stories you'll hear about how Obamacare just can't work, they're just not based on fact,' Obama said.  

"He continued: 'They said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. There's no widespread evidence that [Obamacare] is hurting jobs. ... Reforming health care's going to help the economy over the long-term.'" Wow. It's not hurting jobs, did you know that?  It's not. The president says it's not hurting jobs. There's no widespread evidence. (interruption) Well, see our calls are not "widespread evidence," and the news apparently is not widespread evidence. 


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