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"There isn't any attempt by anybody in the media anywhere to get to the truth of what is actually happening here and why it matters. None. Nowhere. All that's taking place is the structuring of events in such a way as to protect the Washington establishment."

"You know, I've been doing this for 25 years. We've been through government shutdowns countless times, and this one is just like all the other ones."

"CNN's got their countdown clock, what is it 11 hours and 51 minutes and 25 seconds to the government shutdown, as though disaster awaits, as though the end of the world is on the cusp. And who will compromise, and who will blink, and who won't? And who are we going to blame? The fact is that everybody involved on the left wants the government shutdown because this is the opening salvo of the Democrat campaign for 2014."

"Clinton is telling Obama not to negotiate with the Republicans, do not do it. Now, Obama's negotiating with the Syrians, or wants to. He's negotiating with the Iranians or wants to. He's negotiating with the Taliban, and they say that's perfectly normal. Obama says I got nothing to fear from those guys, but I am not talking to Boehner."

"I could have a room full of low-information voters in here. I could have 'em totally captivated. I could own 'em. I could have me be the only thing they listen to and I could give 'em the history of government shutdowns, how nothing bad happens, how sometimes something good happens, it wouldn't change their minds."

"Clinton's out there telling Obama not to negotiate with the Republicans. He's telling Obama to go ahead and force a government shutdown. In Clinton's case, you know what happened to him during his government shutdown? That's where he met Lewinsky. She delivered pizza in a thong during the government shutdown. Clinton loves government shutdowns. So he gets his dream again and can live vicariously."

"The federal government cannot tell you what to buy, when to buy, nor can they determine the price. But all of that is happening."

"The fact is that everybody involved on the left wants the government shutdown because this is the opening salvo of the Democrat campaign for 2014."

"If Harry Reid is the one who refuses to take that up, then it's Harry Reid who has shut down the government, not the Republicans."

"I still maintain that if you want to do anything legislatively here on these continuing resolutions, make the Democrats defend the idea that members of Congress and the people that work for them will have their health care subsidized up to 75%. Make the Democrats defend that.  That'd be akin to making them defend the way the House bank operated."

"If the GOP tries to break the Tea Party, they're only going to end up breaking themselves, and that appears to be what they really want to do."

"You won't read the kind of stuff from the AP about the Iranians or the Syrians that you read about the Republicans in the Associated Press or anywhere in the Drive-By Media.  It really is an outrage.  It's gonna be seen through countless impressions all over the place."

"Jay Carney, here's a big shock, White House press secretary just said that seniors, women and children hardest hit by government shutdown.  Yep.  Just left out minorities.  That's the only thing he left out."


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