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The Breaking Bad Finale Was Good
RUSH:  So did you watch the finale of Breaking Bad last night?  Do you watch Breaking Bad?  You don't watch it.  Did you watch Breaking Bad, Brian? Did you watch the finale last night?  Oh, so I better not say anything.  Oh, gee, no.  Well, spoiler alerts.  Nobody likes spoiler alerts.  Okay, then I won't give any details.  I'll just say that as series finales go, this one was good.  This one I think everybody's expectations are gonna be met, or were met, depending on whether or not they've seen it. 

Did You Like Boardwalk Empire and Homeland?
RUSH:  So did you like the Homeland premier?  You did?  And did you watch Boardwalk Empire?  You liked that last night?  But you don't watch Breaking Bad?  Nah.  Okay.  It's not everybody's cup of tea, obviously, but as far as television is concerned, it was really well done. 

ESPN Banned Tweeting in 2009?
RUSH: This next bit of news is stunning to me.  ESPN has banned all of its reporters from tweeting.  ESPN, in an internal memo, "outlined a rigid new policy toward the use of social media by its on-air talent and writers. The new guidelines immediately sent shockwaves around the sports world and raised questions about the ownership of one’s personal thoughts and comments and how they can be published -- via Twitter, Facebook or apparently any other digital means. 

"How did the news break? On the personal Twitter feed of ESPN NBA analyst Ric Bucher of course. Yesterday afternoon Bucher tweeted, 'The hammer just came down, tweeps: ESPN memo prohibiting tweeting info unless it serves ESPN. Kinda figured this was coming. Not sure what this means but…I’m probably violating some sort of policy just by telling you. In any case, stay tuned.'"

So, anyway, the upshot of this is that if you work at ESPN, you can't tweet what you think about sports or anything else that impacts ESPN.  I guess what they're trying to do -- my guess would be, and I don't really know this -- my guess is they're trying to reserve everything their paid columnists and writers say for their own websites.  But this is not gonna sit well.  You know, Twitter, to people in the sports community, it's become an addiction. It's become a habit, a daily part of life, tweeting, for the people that do it. And for an employer to come out and tell people that work there you can't do it anymore?

Every sportswriter tweets everything, and a lot of sportswriters break news in their tweets not on their own websites.  They break the news in the tweets, and then they hope to get their followers and they hope to be talked about, and then at some point they get into detail on their own websites about what it is they've broken. And ESPN has just said, "Nope, you can't do it anymore."  It's gonna raise questions, do they have the right to do this?  But I'm sure what their thinking is that they want all of this reserved for their website or sites. That if they're paying somebody to opine on sports, they want it to be on their sites, not out there on Twitter. 

Now, I must confess.  This story is dated September the 28th, which is a couple of days ago, and I haven't seen anything else about it.  I have not seen any massive outrage or protest to it or any of that, which kind of surprises me. (interruption) Is that tweet from 2009?  They haven't gotten rid of the rule though, right?  Well, if this original tweet was 2009, then nobody's obeying it.  Well, the ban is in effect.  The internal memo is dated back in 2009 but it obviously hasn't been very effective.  Well, no wonder there hasn't been a whole lot of hell raised about it.  I don't know how well they're doing enforcing it. 

Anyway, in a way it doesn't surprise me because I think a lot of organizations are gonna say, "Look, if you're gonna do this, do it on our website, not your personal Twitter feed.  You don't exist if it's not for us. You don't have a name if it isn't for us."  That's what they're gonna tell these people.  "Do you think anybody cared about you before we hired you?"  That's gonna be what their thinking is.  "We own you, and we own what you think, as long as we're paying you."  So we shall see.  The tweet that alerts everybody here is in fact back from 2009.  And I will bet you the person who sent me this does not know that. 

This is another thing about Twitter.  You can read something on the damn thing and think that it's just happened, when it may be years old.  But there hasn't been a whole lot of hell raised about this, nevertheless.  But this kind of thing is coming.

Clintons Put Kibosh on CNN Hillary Movie
RUSH: Have you heard CNN has decided to drop their plans to do their documentary on Hillary?  You hadn't heard that?  Do you know why CNN has decided to drop their documentary on Hillary?  No, it's not that they couldn't find a 75-year-old actress.  That's not it at all.  They claim at CNN that they were pressured by top Hillary advisers to drop it.  They said that they were met with a stonewall when it came to getting information.  So apparently the Clintons can dictate to any news organization what will and will not be said about them. 

If CNN decided to do a documentary on me, and everybody I know stonewalled them, and then I said, "You guys, you better not do this," do you think that they would cancel a documentary on me because I didn't want them to do it?  They would do a documentary on the stonewall in addition to the documentary on me, and it wouldn't matter whether they got anything right or not.  But all that had to happen here was the Clintons put pressure on CNN, and they caved. 

Next up, NBC.  NBC has a Hillary documentary planned, or, wait, did they already announce they're dropping theirs?  Wait a minute.  Somebody did, because it was gonna be produced, remember, by Fox, not the news channel, the studios, Fox studios.  Maybe NBC already did.  Anyway, now CNN knows how the Republicans felt when they tried to get information about Benghazi.  Well, I mean, they're trying to get the truth out of Hillary about Benghazi and then Hillary said, "What difference does it make anyway?"  So CNN is saying, "What difference does it make whether we do a Hillary documentary or not?"  I guess the NBC Hillary project is going forward.  That's the one that's gonna be released in the theaters.  Maybe the Clintons consider NBC to be a little bit more dependable than CNN. 


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