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Pearls of Wisdom

"You have prevailed on numerous occasions. The media does not get everything they want all the time. The Democrats certainly don't. They don't win every election, and they don't win every battle."

"The government shutdown continues, and the media is continuing to have a field day with it all, and as discussed yesterday, the media is really the problem here, folks."

"If the umpires are on your side you're going to get every call and you're gonna benefit from even cheating. You'll be allowed to cheat and it won't be called. In the case of baseball your opponents will be called out on strikes that are 10 feet outside the strike zone, what are you gonna do?"

"The White House and the Department of Interior rejected a request from Representative Steven Palazzo's office who asked that World War II vets be allowed to visit the World War II memorial in Washington."

"There is no news media. There's simply a bunch of people on television and in newspapers who are ranking members of the Democrat Party."

"A great country's made up of individuals. A great country's not defined by its government. It's not defined by programs and safety nets and stuff. It's defined by the greatest number of people possible pursuing excellence."

"By the way, will they cancel the Army-Navy football games this weekend? Doesn't Obama? What Snerdley? Who said that it would be an apocalypse? McCain said that if they canceled the football games it would be an apocalypse? You gotta be kidding me. That's what the apocalypse is, if they cancel the Army and Navy football games? I can just hear it. "That's the apocalypse. If they do that, they cross the red line!" Really?"

"Nobody in a leadership level in American politics is trying to inspire the American people. Everybody needs to be goosed. The vast majority of people are not self-starters."

"Could it not be said that the Regime is holding World War II veterans hostage, not letting them attend their own memorial? People who want to go to the Grand Canyon, basically a hole in the ground? People can't go to the bottom of the hole in the ground because of the so-called government shutdown."
"The wrong things are still open. They're shutting down the wrong stuff in this shutdown."

"I have to remind you that even despite this tremendous imbalance of power, you have prevailed on numerous occasions. Media does not get everything they want all the time. The Democrats certainly don't. They don't win every election, and they don't win every battle."

"Dana Bash at CNN said, 'But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn't you do it?' And Harry Reid said, 'Why would we want to do that?'"

"Ninety million people are not working. Work is crucially important to self-worth, individually, to the economy, any number of things. So the society and the culture is changing, and what worries me is that the lowest common denominator aspects of our culture are now the focal point."

"The Democrat Party is content to appeal to the lowest common denominator and provide whatever is necessary to get support from that group. The Democrat Party has sought to make the low-information/casually involved/ not very aware the majority of their constituency. That's who they play to, and so they're not shooting for the best."


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