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Furloughed Employees (with ID) Get Free Popcorn from AMC
RUSH: Did you see the story about the massive movie chain, AMC Theaters?  Get this, now. 

AMC is offering free popcorn to nonessential government workers who have been temporarily laid off.  That is precisely what I mean. What is it about those people? What does AMC hope to gain here?  It's kind of obvious, isn't it?  What's in it for them to strike up a sympathetic alliance to 900,000 nonessential government workers, as though they are the most unfortunate people in our country today?

"Because it's just a horrible thing the government gets shut down. Oh, that's worse than a cancer clinic being shut down.  Oh, no!  Well, we're gonna offer them free popcorn."  If you're gonna start offering free... Look, AMC can do whatever they want to do.  I don't care.  I just think that if you're gonna start giving away popcorn at the theater, there may be some people more deserving.  But it's not about who "deserves," is the bottom.  All they've gotta do is present a valid government or military ID at any AMC location. 

That's all they've gotta do.  What about valid government or military ID?  What about all the minorities that don't have one of those because that's what told that it's racism to have a photo ID?  They can't go get their free popcorn!  You might say (a cynic could say) that AMC has embarked upon a racist policy here.  What do you mean you gotta have an ID, a legitimate ID to get free popcorn?  You don't have to have one of those to vote!  Why should you have to have one of those to get free popcorn at AMC? 

That's what I'm talking about.  (laughing)  Jeez.  Unbelievable. 


RUSH:  Yeah, I've got this story, I mentioned it earlier here, that AMC will hand out free popcorn to federal employees.  "The mega movie circuit AMC announced it will offer federal employees a free small popcorn because of the U.S. government shutdown, which has left more than 800,000 workers furloughed. They don't even have to buy a movie ticket, either. 'The offer is good until common sense is restored in Washington, D.C., or, more likely, until the shutdown ends or we run out of free popcorn.'"

Is AMC gonna give free popcorn to people that can't get a job, maybe, or have had their hours cut?  AMC, you know, a lot of people have lost their health care and have been converted from full-time to part-time because of Obamacare.  You gonna give them free popcorn?  It's all because of Obamacare. 

Just let it be noted, everybody gets free shipping when they buy Two If By Tea.  Well, they do.  Not just nonessential government workers, everybody.  No ID required, nothing.  You don't have to go to the movie.  All you do is buy the tea.  The shipping is free.  Always has been.  And we don't discriminate against anybody. 

Politico Praises Obama's Resolve
RUSH: Daniel Halper from the Weekly Standard talking about a Politico story which says "Obama Shows 'Resolve and Strength' By Shutting Government -- Politico says that President Obama is winning by shutting down the government. 'President Barack Obama started September in an agonizing, extended display of how little sway he had in Congress. He ended the month with a display of resolve and strength that could redefine his presidency,' say Politico writers Edward-Isaac Dovere and Reid J. Epstein. 'All it took was a government shutdown.'"

Wait a minute.

Obama is blaming the Republicans for shutting down the government and here comes Politico praising Obama for doing it and claiming that it is helping him regain the respect that he had lost earlier in the month?  How is it...? I thought the Republicans shut down the government.  Shouldn't the story be that Republicans are showing resolve and strength by shutting down the government? 

From The Politico story: "This was less a White House strategy than simply staying in the corner the House GOP had painted them into -- to the White House's surprise, Obama was forced to do what he so rarely has as president: he said no, and he didn't stop saying no." Now, that's hilarious.  When the Republicans say "no," they are ripped to shreds. They're lambasted by the news media for being obstreperous and uncooperative and failing to compromise and all that. 

But of course, Obama says "no" all the time.  Now, if Obama says "no" here and the governments shuts down, "What a great guy!  What a great guy!"  This demonstrates the Herculean effort news media are making to try to save Obama in this.  A massive effort is underway.  NBC Nightly News: "How the Tea Party Propelled the Shutdown."  Wait a minute!  I thought the Tea Party was dead.  I'm pretty sure that the media has told us that the Tea Party's dead. 

I'm sure that there are Republican establishment types that told us the Tea Party's dead.  "How the Tea Party Propelled the Shutdown"?  NBC Nightly News: "Tea Party members come from some of the most conservative districts in the country, and represent 18% of the American population.  NBC News spoke with Rep. Bill Cassidy and Rep. Tim Huelskamp about the shutdown and why they say they won't budge until Democrats budge on [Obamacare]."

Well, that's amazing.

Dingy Harry Leaks E-Mails to Embarrass Boehner
RUSH: Jonathan Strong writing at the National Review said: "Shutdown Could Last Weeks."  Senior House Republicans -- though I just saw something, I did not have a chance to dig into this.  I just saw a brief chyron graphic on Fox, and I'm sure I'll get the details here during the break, 12 House Republicans want to cave right now.


RUSH: Jonathan Strong, National Review.  "Senior House Republicans are increasingly persuaded the government shutdown could last weeks and will only be resolved in a major bipartisan accord involving a funding bill and a debt-ceiling increase.  On the first day of the shutdown, President Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid only hardened their unwillingness to negotiate with the GOP. For example, Obama threatening to veto rifle-shot funding bills, to keep specific branches of government funded, backed by dozens of Democrats on the House floor."

I just went through some of these.  Rifle-shot means here's a bill to keep the parks open.  Obama said, "Nope, vetoing that."  Here's a bill that provides funding for local art in DC.  No, gonna veto that.  Here's a bill to honor our promise to America's veterans.  Uh, no gonna veto that.  Here's a big for research, for lifesaving cures.  Gonna veto that.  Here's a bill to pay the National Guard and the reserve, and Obama said no, I'm gonna veto that.  A lot of Democrats support these.  But this is Obama and Harry Reid hardening their position.  Dingy Harry says, "I'm not gonna get roped into doing piecemeal stuff here. I'm not falling for that trick." 

"In the meantime, despite a small bloc of moderates indicating they would happily vote for a 'clean' continuing resolution to fund the government without any preconditions, the House GOP conference is remaining steadfast."  Now, this story is from last night at 10:30, so it could be off the board by now.  "At a closed-door conference meeting earlier today, Speaker John Boehner gave a pep-rally-style speech signaling he isn’t about to fold his hand. 'We’re in this fight. This is the moment. We all talk about doing something for our kids and our grandkids. If you want to do something for them, now is the time. We have to work together and win this fight,' Boehner told members, according to a Republican in the room."

Is that still operative?  We heard anything to contradict that?  I haven't either other than these 12 Republicans who want to cave now.  I don't know if that's relevant or not.  "Worsening the already poisonous relationship between Republican and Democratic congressional leaders was a story that appeared in Politico featuring leaked e-mails from Boehner’s chief of staff, Mike Sommers.  The story detailed Boehner’s work to address confusion over how Obamacare would apply to lawmakers --" Basically, what Reid's office did, they released e-mails from Boehner's chief of staff attempting to imply that Boehner was all for Congress being subsidized on Obamacare back in the summer.  They're trying to embarrass Boehner.  "Well, you were all for the congressional subsidy back in the summer." 

Boehner has since abandoned that position.  So what they're trying to show with the leaked e-mail, which, by the way, that is a huge violation of protocol.  You know, the House and the Senate, Congress has their gentlemanly rules.  One of the great understandings is that e-mails and phone calls, they don't talk about.  And Reid's staff has leaked a bunch of e-mails back and forth between him and Boehner's chief of staff.  But it's not about scoring points, Harry Reid said.  It's not about being the villain of villains.  It's not about any of that.  No, no, no.  It's about doing what's right for the American people.

12 Republicans Who are Afraid of Rush Limbaugh Want to Give Up on Shutdown?
RUSH: Twelve House Republicans just want to end this shutdown stuff right now.  I don't know who they are.  Wait a minute.  Did I see that story earlier or something similar to it?  Maybe I saw a story 12 names Republicans who are teetering or don't support this, I forget which.  Anyway, I'll get to the bottom of this.  Twelve Republicans in the House want to cave.  Did you happen to see that graphic on Fox, Snerdley, or were you screening calls for the one phantom open line?  You saw it?  We'll dig into it. 


RUSH:  Okay, there are some Republicans who are going on record saying they think the Republican Party ought to end this. Republican members of Congress.  I'm kinda torn about identifying them, mentioning their names, 'cause they're all afraid of me, and if I mention they are names, they're gonna have nasty phone calls and it'll really hurt their feelings and stuff. So I don't know that I ought to mention their names, because they're all afraid.  Well, afraid of something.  Oh, of course I'm being facetious.  These people go ahead and announcing they want to cave on this.  Who they're afraid of is the media. 

They're not afraid of me. 

This has always been such a bogus claim. 

They're afraid of the media.  It's exactly what the media wants. 



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