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Pearls of Wisdom

"Can you even imagine the hacker creativity there's gonna be with Obamacare? This has the potential to be really, really bad."

"The Tea Party is not going away. The Tea Party's hanging in, and, if anything, the Tea Party is getting stronger. There is no sign of a cave anywhere out there."

"I think Harry Reid proves exactly why the government should not have so much control over people's health care. No government should ever have that much power over its citizens, but particularly ours, which is a constitutional republic."

"I do not remember a president of the United States talking down the stock market and the world economy like Obama did. It is unprecedented."

"Would somebody explain to me what the hell Obama's been doing with his own health care plan? He's been cherry-picking who gets a waiver and who doesn't. He's been cherry-picking who's subject to it and who isn't. He's been cherry-picking laws that he doesn't like left and right, DOMA, gay marriage, you name it, Obama cherry-picks, and if he doesn't like a law, he just ignores it. But his own health care plan, he decides what will be delayed and what won't be delayed."

"The Republicans are not playing games. It's Obama and Harry Reid who've shut down the government."

"What the heck is Obamacare now but nothing but a cherry-picked amalgam of things that are taken out of it so that they will not hurt the Democrat Party if implemented. I mean, this is outrageous, 2,500 waivers, you name it. The cherry-picks that Obama has made with his own bill dwarf what's going on here."

"No government should ever have that much power over its citizens, but particularly ours, which is a constitutional republic."

"Mr. President, the person holding up funding of this government and shutting it down is you, you and Senator Reid."

"How long is it going to be before fake health care sign-up websites appear promising you cheap premiums? How many people are gonna end up being defrauded? This could end up being the single biggest threat to individual security and identity security that we have in this country, and it could be brought to you by the Obama administration."

"This is a gut feel. I actually think that the Democrats are showing signs of losing it in this shutdown. I really do. I don't -- I think they're in uncharted water."

"The Democrats never run outta money. The Democrats never run out of phones. The Democrats never run out of food stamps. Only the Republicans do, see? What do you mean, we don't have the money for it? That's no excuse. The Democrats never run out of money."

"No matter what we spend on welfare, the New York Times is never satisfied. No matter what program."

"If you're watching cable news, what you are watching is the Democrat Party view of the world every day. That's all you're watching."

"The absolutely frustration that people are encountering there is not being reported, and the reason it isn't is because there's no way the Republicans are responsible for it, because they opposed it. The Republicans did not want Obamacare."


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