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Pearls of Wisdom

"Liberals do not come into the arena of ideas and talk about ideas with us. They do not debate ideas. They destroy people who can articulate things that they don't want to hear."

"Barack Obama was elected because he was gonna end all of this. No matter who was to blame for the bickering, Obama was a new kind of politician. Obama was gonna end it. Obama was gonna bring unity and comity and universal respect and get rid of all the old politics and bring on the new politics and everybody just gets along. Remember? And it's gotten worse than many people can remember it ever being, given their ages."

"Here you have some Republicans in Arizona who want to use state money to open the Grand Canyon and they are destroyed by the AP."

"I laugh at this. I go back and forth. I laugh at it and I get angry of course, but I laugh at this."

"You use everybody's taxpayer money and you credit yourselves for having compassion, and you're destroying lives. You're not helping anybody here."

"Back in the thirties, FDR, all the boys? 'Oh, yeah, we got way too many poor people! We need to go to socialism so that we can raise standards of living.' Today, why are we doing it? 'Because we got too many rich people, and they're stealing everybody's everything, and we gotta take it from 'em.' I think it's a great observation."

"There was no jobs report today -- because of the shutdown. What's an economist to do?"

"Fear is what enables bullies, acting afraid of them and intimidated by 'em is what enables them. That's when intimidation becomes an effective way to manipulate behavior."

"There is a stigma in our culture today attached to success. It's deemed to be unfair because not everybody is, particularly in a bad economy like this."

"They won't let people go to the Grand Canyon. I mean, it's being done on purpose, and the only reason is because Obama knows that snarky little news agencies or reporters are gonna write it and such a way that benefits them."

"Obama's on Fox right now, 'I'm happy to have negotiations with the Republicans.' No, he's not!"

"I don't know that bellyaching about Obama not negotiating is a way to force him to negotiate. That isn't gonna work."

"It's not the Republicans keeping people out of the World War II Memorial. It just isn't. The Republicans have passed legislation four times to keep the government running." 


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