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There is No Barbed Wire at the WWII Memorial
RUSH: Speaking of optics, have you seen the barbed wire they have put up around the World War II memorial to keep people out?  Folks, this is amazing.  There's barbed wire in the fencing around the World War II memorial.  I wonder if the regime ever thought about doing something like that on the border.  Look at the lengths that the regime is willing to go to keep World War II veterans and anybody else from seeing their memorial.  Barbed wire fence, but no, we can't do anything like that on the border.  And Arizona.  This is interesting, too. 

Here's that picture.  World War II memorial barricade wired shut.  On Tuesday seven National Park Service employees were seen erecting and tending to a barricade around the World War II memorial in Washington.  A couple hours later the veterans arrived and so forth and so on.  But it's barbed wire.  You have to donate wire cutters to the vets if they're to get in to their memorial.  I don't know. 


RUSH:  Okay, folks, I'm major league embarrassed here.  There is no barbed wire at the World War II Veterans Memorial.  Somebody sent me a story with the headline:  "World War II Memorial Barricade Wired Shut" with a picture of barbed wire.  That's what it looks like, and I assumed that there was barbed wire, and there isn't.  The gate has one wire on it. 

The gate is wired shut, but there is no barbed wire at the World War II Memorial.  Make sure everybody hears this.  I'm doing this correction loud and clear.  I was misled by looking at the optics.  Somebody put a picture to a story that doesn't exist, and even I, El Rushbo, got fooled and tricked by it.

AZ Offers to Open Grand Canyon, Regime Says No
largeRUSH: The state of Arizona has offered to open the Grand Canyon, and the regime said no.  The AP story on this, the snark for these Republicans is unbelievable.  Two Republican senators -- I think it's McCain, maybe it's a representative, but some elected Republicans want to open the Grand Canyon, and the AP story is just snarky as it can be about these people. 

I'm looking for the Arizona story now because I want to read the snark.  What did I do with this?  You know, what's happened hear, none of this stuff I'm talking about did I intend to lead with and it's the first thing that hit my mind when the program started. It's all buried in the Stack and I can't find it. I know it looks horrible. I know it just absolutely looks horrible.  I had it right there.  Anyway, I'll find it during the break.  I'm not gonna waste precious broadcast moments going through a bunch of loose pieces of paper here. 

But this AP story... What in the world...? Why does the regime care if the state of Arizona wants to spend the money to open the Grand Canyon? Why?  The very idea that the regime wants to keep it shut down ought to tell you what the objective here is.  They are trying to cause as much discomfort, inconvenience -- in some cases pain -- as they can, because they know that their compatriots in the media are going to try to get away with blaming the Republicans for this. 

Dusty Baker Fired, Blames Racists Who Hate Obama
RUSH: Dusty Baker, the manager of the Cincinnati Reds has been fired.  But that's not the story.  He has been fired and has blamed racists who hate Obama.  Well, that's the upshot here from CBS Sports.  "It hurts. It hurts big-time," Dusty Baker said. "It's a double whammy being swept out of the playoffs, and two days later this."
"It wasn't all about one conversation, of course. Baker quite likely started to sense that maybe his time was up in Cincinnati. Maybe that's why he said what he said.  'The last couple weeks, I've been getting a rash of hate mail, racial mail,' he said. 'Maybe it is time to go.  This is really ugly," he said. "There are all sorts of references to Barack Obama. So now I know where they are coming from. I don't know, maybe people are mad at him, so they don't like the idea of blacks in authority." 

And of course Dusty Baker is the manager of the Reds, is the man in authority, and so because people are mad at Obama, they are racists, and he felt the heat.

iOS 7 Text Message Glitch
RUSH:  One-tenth of 1% of iMessage users are having problems. They're gonna fix it in the software update coming.  I'm lucky, I haven't had any problems with it.  Have you had any problems with yours, Snerdley?  Yeah, you're the first guy. I've been reading these little tech blogs. These little snarky zit-faced bitching about it, and I haven't run into anybody with a problem.  You're the first guy on your iPhone 5, messages, what happens?  They freeze?  Yeah.  A-ha.  Have you tried an LTE in addition to Wi-Fi?  Okay.  All right.  Well, use e-mail in the meantime, but they've got a fix for it coming.  It really only affected a small number of people.


RUSH:  All right, folks, if you got an iPhone, iOS 7, you're trying to send a message with the blue bubble and it isn't sending, until they fix it, do this.  Tap and hold on the message that won't send and you'll get an option that says "send as text message," and then click that, and it'll go out as an SMS, you know, the old-fashioned kind of text message. The software fix is gonna come next week or real quick, 7.0.3 I think it is.  Anyway, that's my tip for the day.


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