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"I'm not exaggerating. I'm asking, in my lifetime, have we ever had a more dishonest president?"

"The purpose of this press conference was for Obama to repeat two words for one hour:  'ransom' and 'hostage' and attach them to Republicans. That's the only reason for this thing."

"For certain young people The Daily Show is not a comedy show. Along with Twitter, it is a primary source of news."

"A low-information audience is predisposed to loving Obama, trusting Obama, a low-information audience that has bought the Limbaugh Theorem hook, line, and sinker, when they end up laughing at an Obama bureaucrat's non-answers and lies, it is a big deal."

"I know sometimes I sound sarcastic. I know I'm funny."

"Someone needs to tell Sebelius, 'You don't call it a fine now, it's a tax.' Remember that, the Supreme Court, John Roberts said (paraphrasing), "How could I rewrite this bill to make it constitutional?" Chief justice, 'I'll change that fine and we'll call it a tax and then say they've got the authority to do that.' So you people, you will pay a tax, not a fine, if you don't follow the law and get your health insurance as mandated."

"The reason the individual mandate will not be delayed is because the more people that the regime can get signed up, that much harder it's gonna be to ever repeal this. Having people sign up is putting the exclamation point on establishing the entitlement. It's no different than having 'em sign up for Social Security. The more people sign up, the harder it's gonna be to take it away from 'em."

"No, being crazy is not preexisting. Not this kind of crazy. Political extremism craziness is not a preexisting condition, not in terms of Obamacare."

"I'm convinced that some of the support for Obamacare, among middle class low-information voters, is 'cause they think Big Business is gonna get punished, and Big Insurance is gonna get punished. Because, to them, that's fair, 'cause all these entities have been screwing them. Well, now here comes a waiver, if you will, in favor of Big Business."

"Everybody that signs becomes dependent on the government for their health, not insurance or treatment, but their health, in their view. Once Santa Claus has shown up, it's hard to take the toys back. You can't. That's what the thinking is here."

"I think that some of the Drive-Bys are starting to crack. What they're all saying, 'Wait a minute, everything's still functioning here except what you guys won't permit. You guys won't permit the veterans to go to the memorial. You guys won't permit National Parks to open, but other than that, everything seems kind of fine and dandy here.'"

"What really bothers people about this, do you think, Snerdley?  Condoleezza Rice, what is she?  A, she is a woman.  But what else is she?  She is a black woman.  So far, so good, right?  Well, what else is she?  She is a Republican woman?  She worked for W.  And therein lies the issue."

"Republicans do not seem like the crazies here. The Republicans do not seem like the uncompromising whatever negatives are usually attached to them. Democrats are the ones that have come off mean and heartless here."

"By the way, the National Mall is closed, except it's not. They opened the National Mall for a rally for amnesty today. It's closed for standard, ordinary, everyday American citizen use because of the shutdown, but Obama, the regime opened it up today for use by pro-amnesty immigration forces."

"World War II vets are not allowed to go into the memorial even though they're at the end of their lives, it may be their only chance to see their memorial. Why can't they go? Because they're not a favored Obama group." 


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